You’re in the EU Army, Mr Jones!

I want to make it clear that, as a nation, we are in trouble, when it comes to our military strength, some one has given it all away.

Did you know that our civil servants (not actually serving the public at all) have done a deal to ensure that our military passes de facto under the control of the Brussels bullies? I urge you to WATCH the video attached, where Caroline Stephens interviews Dave Ellis, and, after you’ve had a stiff drink, SHARE this information with all you know who care that our army, navy, air force, and special services have already been treasonously handed, lock, stock, barrel, ship and shell, to an unelected bureaucracy, who aren’t fit to bull the boots of our lads.

Be aware that demonstrations are being organized, in places like Manchester, Wakefield, in Kent and in Essex, to raise awareness of these unlawful cretins, who clearly do not wish well to our country. This is an urgent issue, as Dave Ellis says, it is ‘a big ticket’ and action is needed now to make everyone know, your own MP included, (who probably hasn’t grasped what’s occurring), just how corrupt, arrogant and calculating this BLUE party is, when it comes to misrepresenting the wishes of the electorate for the benefit of their sponsors.

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