The Sixth Commandment

Here is where we are adrift. I recall as a lad, reading a ‘Wayside Pulpit’ posted outside a Baptist building in my local village. It had some apparently clever words to the effect that this commandment was a bad idea. It ran – ‘An eye for an eye will only result in making the whole world blind’. As with all historical texts, it is important to return to the original to discover what the author really meant to say.

Since 1610 AD, when the common man first began to hear the Old Covenant and New Covenant texts in his own language, the Sixth Commandment [We’elleh Shemoth/Exodus 20:13] has been depicted as the ‘warning-notice’ against all conflict, both personal, civil, social and inter-national . Sadly it has suffered in translation.

‘Thou shalt not kill’ is what we have been fed, for generations, although, recently, in a C of E building in the Barnsley area, I did find that this has not always been mis-translated. There, the sixth commandment is set out as ‘Do no murder’

The accurate translation of the word ‘ratsach’ IS ‘murder’ = with malice aforethought, whereas, the ‘slaughter’ of an ox or sheep is represented by ‘tabach’.

‘Thou shalt not murder’ has long been diluted. The Israeli nation (to whose forebears we are indebted for both the preservation of the Old Covenant texts and our Messiah) does not founder here, however; when there is deliberate conspiracy to deny their very existence, THEIR position, to the evident chagrin of confused Western thinking, is clear – ‘if you mess with us, watch out’!

Ah, I can hear you screaming, but Christians are taught to ‘turn the other cheek’! Well, friend, I have news for you, the carpenter from Nazareth was not averse to ‘killing’ when it came to dealing with paedophilia; he clearly recommends a Granite Necklace for all such perverted souls [Matthew 18:6] – not ‘murder’ but ‘corrective punishment.

Now, that other saying of his – ‘turn the other cheek’. This is what I call ‘G-d’s Big Sally‘. Up here in Yorkshire, maybe in other counties, as lads, we had a rule in cricket that, should you be unlucky enough to be ‘OUT’ first ball, you were allowed a ‘sally’ – another ‘go’. If you were daft enough to be ‘OUT’ again – on your way..

The whole of New Covenant faith is founded on the fact that, as John 10:10 says, there is a whole new level of life to be lived for those who understand and embrace the fact of the death of an innocent victim to expiate the misdeeds of the past. The old-fashioned expression ‘born again’ [John 3:3] – a fresh start under new terms – remains as valid as ever – another ‘go’.

Our problem arises when, after centuries of diluting doctrine, we are careless enough to lower the drawbridge of our faith, open the city gates and welcome just any Tomasz, Friedrich or Abdul to enter, no CV, no CRB checks, “just come on in, guys and help yourselves”. Now, the very people who are presently taking advantage of our confused thinking, invariably come from what Western philosophy likes to term an ‘uncivilized, barbaric’ society, where, you can bet your bottom $Dollar that your entering THEIR society and failing to conform to THEIR rules would see you languishing in clink or hanging from the jib of a crane in quick-sticks.

So, what to do? Happily, there is another New Covenant verse to cater for just such an eventuality [Romans 13:1-4]. Here we are assured that, if, having been welcomed into our New Covenant world with every material, social and financial benefit provided, our no-Covenant intruder then decides to throw all our generosity back in our faces, severing our heads or blowing us to smithereens, we are absolutely authorized to remove him/her.

In the end, it becomes a question of ‘authority’. the Austrian ‘painter and decorator’ had none, see what happened to his outfit, having their offspring baptized in to the Roman system, whilst plotting the ‘Endloesung’ with his foul doctrine.

Now taken up by similar deviant souls, with hearts blacker than a witch’s hat, the same lust for territorial aggrandizement has grown, like a cancer, to dominate Europe by economic subterfuge – again, control without authority.

Those of you, who imagine the European Union to be the new panacea for all ills, its godless ‘Elysian Fields’ preferable to a thousand years of sovereignty, judiciary, democracy, faith, hope and charity, (also mentioning our incomparable expertise in military defence), had best book a one-way ticket and go live under the unauthorized oligarchs.

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