A simple, narrow choice

I make no apology for referring back to the Rule Book here: our nation is currently being led along the broad, ‘easy-to-use-without-any-thinking’ highway, heading, ostensibly, towards the Elysian Fields in disunited Europe. As we go, we have to keep singing the new (inter)national anthem –

‘Freude, schoener Goetterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium; wir betreten, feuertrunken, himmlische dein Heiligtum’

That, incidentally, is the ONLY mention, in the entire Superstate setup, of anything approaching true spiritual peace or moral rectitude.

Whereas, the troublesome Jewish carpenter (a political activist himself) had a few words of wisdom to say, on what to look out for on the journey. Here, with apologies to those who grew up with the King James’ version of the rule book, is HIS advice –

“Head for the pedestrian entrance, because the wide, easy road will get you into trouble, and the majority using it are in for a roasting. Also, keep your eyes open for false leaders, they turn themselves out in fancy clothes, but really, they want you for cannon-fodder. Just watch their life-style, not their patter, if you want to know what they’re really thinking. [Matthew 7:13-16]

Tomorrow, Tuesday 11th December 2018, Mamma Wolf will be wanting all our elected representatives to stop thinking about their constituents, their dead antecedents, who gave their lives for national peace and freedom, and to vote instead for her half-baked false ‘DEAL’, which is designed to keep what John Hawkins, in his 2009 publication described as – ‘The Most Successful Nation In The History of the World’ – coasting along the Broadway deeper into the tentacles of a European Hell.

I don’t know about you, but I am sticking with the carpenter’s advice; I am not supporting their two-dimensional version of society – physical and intellectual, but without any spiritual depth – this is the Broadway which leads only to the arrogant idolatry of ‘human intellect’.



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