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‘Nil desperandum carborundum’*

A pertinent comment appeared on ‘Strategian’ [YouTube] this week –

“Brexit is the EU’s influenza – ITALEXIT is its terminal cancer.”

Yet the Tory pantomime rolls on.. everyone you speak to these days is absolutely sick to the back teeth of this quisling PM and her puppet masters. No-one seems to want to mention that, after DC had spent £9+m of your and my taxes, sending out his ‘Why we should all vote REMAIN’ instruction manual, there were 138 of his Blue MPs who actually agreed with the democratic vote to LEAVE. His decision to quit was one thing, his decision to put ‘party’ interests before the public interests has now probably consigned his precious Tories to oblivion.

More than two and a half years on, SWAMBO** seems determined to follow the EU model, “keep the little sods voting until they produce the result which Brussels needs” – it’s the Eire situation all over again. Are we not going to  actually respect the legal ‘default’ statute position and leave with ‘NO DEAL’? Those to whom this is a ‘nightmare scenario’, are probably far too young to remember the last time that Junckers tried to break the nation’s spirit.

By the way, may we also draw your attention to the work of one ‘Gemma O’Doherty‘, who, bless her,  is regularly live-streaming from the Emerald Isle, and who is finding considerable support in her work to be rid of the Brussels tentacles over there – and the inherent corruption which comes with them. Where would be the ‘Back-stop’ problem after IREXIT?

We need a change: it’s no use just swapping the pieces on the board for different-coloured ones, the present game must be scrapped and real local democracy introduced. See for our SIX DEMANDS.

Email – for details of our work.

* Don’t let the b******s grind you down  ** She Who Always Must Be Obeyed


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