It’s Easter, for crying out loud, !

The procession down from the Mount of Olives, his supporters cheering with enthusiasm, brought disapproval from the ‘establishment’ as the latest charismatic ‘Messiah’-Leader made his way with his entourage towards the capital…

Is it so very different today? When told to ‘shut his followers up’, Messiah replied,

“I am telling you, if these were to keep quiet now, the stones would cry out!”

There are many thousands across Britain right now who are looking this way and that, for that one charismatic character who will confront the hypocrisy of the day and stand for what is Truth. People will continue to give their lives for what they believe is Truth; on the other hand there are others who are scattered, like sheeple without a shepherd, because they are afraid of consequences.

It is time for the stones to start shouting. Sticking to the unjust government imposed upon us is no longer an option, our situation calls for a decision – do we STAND or do we RUN? If we have found a Truth, we need to stand firm.

I make no apology for appending a reappraisal of what has been reduced to a comfortable ‘christian’ narrative:

‘Here it is once more – Easter! It is the time when we note, especially, the dreadful death of the Messiah and the miracle of His resurrection three days later.

As we celebrate these events, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind. Remember that this term ‘Easter’ is a Roman/Anglican equivalent of the original Hebrew – ‘Chaq Hamatzot’ – the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Some hundreds of years after the miracle itself, the Roman ‘church’ saw fit to vary their ecumenical calendar, to make it fit more closely with the actual time which the earth takes to complete its orbit around the sun. For now, therefore, let’s relate this ‘holy day’ to their present ‘Gregorian’ calendar.

Nisan 14 –Wednesday 17th April 2019 = The Passover (Pesach)

On the original night, [Exodus 12:21-30] when the Hebrew slaves revolted against their Egyptian taskmasters, they got all packed up, ready to make a ‘moonlight flit’, and suddenly, there appeared an ‘angel of death’, who paid an unscheduled visit, taking out the eldest male child in each Egyptian household, whilst, at the same time, ‘passing over’ the Hebrew families. This amazing event is commemorated annually by all self-respecting Jewish households as ‘Pesach’ – Passover, a one-day Feast.

For Chrystians [sic] this is the night when their Messiah sat down with his Inner Cabinet for a final supper meal, shortly after which he would be betrayed by his chancellor, captured by the ‘church’ heirarchy, arraigned before the Sanhedrin’s ‘kangaroo court’ and, the following day, be butchered by Rome’s equivalent of the ‘Waffen SS’. But let’s stick with the order of events as they unfolded.

Nisan 15 -Thursday 18th April 2019 = ‘Chaq Hamatzot’

The Feast of Unleavened Bread – a seven-day feast begins. right after Passover. This is a ‘feast’ – of unleavened bread, so, if we wish to stick with the original Rule Book, we should all get an eight-day vacation at this time of year, not a three-day one. However, as we have abandoned the original script in favour of this Roman/Anglican copy, there seems little chance of the British government going out on a limb on this one. In terms of the Hebrew calendar, this day was also a Yearly Sabbath [cf.Lev 23:6], which is mentioned in John 19:31.

By daylight on this day the Sanhedrin Court sitting had already ended and was followed by the Roman governor deciding that one dead Jew more or less was a small price to pay, compared with the risk of a civil uprising, so, send him off to Golgotha (Skull Hill). Incidentally, the poor chap actually carried just the horizontal beam (patibulum), not the complete cross, as some would have us believe. ‘Patibuli’ were pre-prepared in bulk, each with a mortise socket to fit onto the upright stakes, which were generally left on the hillside. Thus, the Messiah was dead by sundown and buried by nightfall.

Nisan 15 – Thursday 18th April 2019 nightfall to Friday nightfall,

the first day in the tomb

Nisan 16 –Friday 19th nightfall to Saturday 20th April 2019 nightfall

the second day in the tomb

Nisan 17 -Saturday 20st April nightfall to Sunday 21st April 2019

the third day in the tomb, and the normal ‘weekly’ sabbath.

Nisan 18Sunday 21st April 2019

Very early on the morning of the fourth day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, John Mark, the 12-year old son of the disciple ‘Peter’, seems to have climbed out of his bedroom window and made his way, in the half-light, to the burial garden (how did he know where to go? Good grapevine, then) where he was to be confronted by an empty tomb. – John Mark’s ‘Flash Gordon’ hero was up and about again. [cf: Mark 16:5-7 – ‘a young man’ sitting]

So convincing was John Mark’s testimony that, some ten years later, a redeemed Saul of Tarsus insisted on taking the young man on a European Tour, to prove to the Diaspora (dispersed Jews) that the Messiah is alive for evermore. [cf Acts 12:25]in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established’

Please accept my apologies if this modern-day version of events clashes with your received ‘church’ teaching, but it was Messiah, not I, who said that he was going to be dead for three days and three nights before vacating the tomb. [ Matt 12:40] Why, then, do we insist on having the poor chap crucified on a Friday and resurrected on a Sunday? Surely, someone who heals lepers, turns water into wine and walks on water wouldn’t have made a careless slip-up over an important schedule like that?

Friends, I do not intend to be offensive, but then again, neither do I wish to be inoffensive. I will confess with you the joyful Truth of a resurrected Messiah, now seated on the Throne of the Universe, and, let’s remember, his earth-name was never ‘Jesus’!

If we believe, with our adult minds, that this is Truth, we surely have an obligation to walk in it. If we do NOT accept these facts as reliable according to the scripture and the Hebrew calendar, then we are probably merely meeting in a local ‘social club’, and not as Living Stones in the ‘Body of Christ’.

With love and sincere wishes, as ever’, your brother and companion in the Way.



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