“Postulamus corporis!” -We demand the body!**

There may be some of you who are totally unaware of what is happening to David Noakes and to his Bio-Medic Scientist, Lyn Thyer.

If this has passed you by, please do go to YouTube, where, if you search for details of the last ‘Alternative View’ Conference [AV 10], the presentation made by David Noakes is contained in three parts. What David Noakes’ business and staff have been subjected to is shocking.

You may also be unaware that our dreadful parliament system has, over many years, actively conspired with the European Union leadership to give to their European Courts of Justice, full control of our legal procedures. This now means that, if you remain under statute law in the UK, you also remain at the mercy of the European Arrest system, which makes you ‘guilty until proven innocent’ – just like that nasty M. Macron’s France.

However, those of us who are wise enough to remember the days when the UK had its own courts, (all soundly based on a Common Law of more than a thousand years’ standing, substantiated by both Magna Carta 1215 AD plus the Bill of Rights 1689) will also know that it is possible, and (in the light of this present kind of persecution, very essential), to record your own birth (as a free living person) with the Common Law Court, which then places you under common law jurisdiction, a great deal older and more dependable than either UK statute or ECJ statute.

You will also be able at that time to obtain ownership of your legal fiction (this is the name which you were saddled with at birth when your parents or guardians registered your arrival under UK statute). In my own case, this was the ‘Births & Deaths Registration Acts 1836 to 1929’ – (probably since 1942 updated but none the more valid); if you are still not understanding, the name which you were then given is known as your ‘legal fiction’ = ‘made up under statute’, and the offence now disclosed is that, at the time you were so ‘registered’, no effort was made to inform your parents that there is an alternative choice – to live as a free living person, independent of any statute law.

There are now many thousands of us living in the UK who have chosen so to live, and, until such time as those statutory courts are ever able to confirm that their statutes are superior and more enduring than our Common Law, then it remains for them unlawful to try to foist statutory ‘obligation’ on any free man or woman who is occasioning neither harm, loss or injury to others…


Moreover, any person, (once being made aware that the subject in question lives under common law jurisdiction), who attempts to force or browbeat the subject into accepting a lesser statute, may be knowingly committing fraud, for which, in their private capacity they lay themselves open to a claim for damages.

After hearing David Noakes’ account of his mistreatment, you should ask yourself why any of us would be arrested and have our finances sequestered for, in David Noakes’ and Lyn Thyer’s case, the heinous offence of developing a cure for thousands of Stage 4 tumours WITHOUT PERMISSION. For me, this has overtones of an itinerant Jewish carpenter who found himself arraigned for making folks better on a ‘rest day’ [Matt 12:4]

Bringing us bang up to date, Lyn now finds herself due to be locked up in a UK prison, with the approval of the Crown Persecution Service [CPS] pending her extradition to la belle France, where she will spend two years in custody – before being charged with any ‘statutory’ offence.

A hearing for this issue alone has now been set for Westminster Magistrates Court, this coming Monday (17th June) at 10am in Court room 3. It would be wonderful if as many as possible could be at the court in serious numbers to show this charade up for what it is. The citizens of our land are worth better than this, and it begs the question why, knowing the facts, any sane person would choose to REMAIN under such an evil system.

**With apologies for my lousy Latin, we need to see Lyn Thyer delivered from her tormentors..

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