“Direct Democracy and why we need it”

Here are just some of the benefits in having a Direct Democracy. It could save us and the world we live in. None of your presently elected Political representatives will encourage you in this line of thought, so it will be up to all of us to advocate this as much as possible.

  • Direct Democracy will stop interest groups and lobbyists from injecting large sums of money into political parties to suit their own interests.
  • Having people be empowered and making policy choices which best suit the majority rather than the current system where politicians are ‘locked in’ for the next four years.
  • An informed and educated people will make better choices than our present representatives, who are not only out of touch with people’s needs but cater instead  for the Banks and Corporations.
  • Restoring faith and certainty into people’s lives by operating under the purest form of Democracy possible.
  • Collusion with Politicians and the financial groups will cease. Instead, Corporations and Banks will pay their fair share of taxes. For this to succeed we would need Direct Democracy in every country around the world.
  • Climate change and the Earths ‘eco’ system will be better managed and restored.
  • We would also need a new financial system; A Resource Based Economy can replace the current Banking system – [Suggest the ‘Bradbury Pound – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Am1uZ3lpQdw] See also [Alice and The Money Tree by John Briggs] jm.briggs@hotmail.co.uk
  • An emphasis will be put on energy solutions, encouraging energy providers to work towards a sustainable and renewable future or risk being phased out altogether.
  • Wars and the conditions that create wars with their reliance on the current financial system will cease to exist.

Terrorism and the world’s refugee crises can also be eliminated as we shift our focus to providing everyone’s needs instead of catering for the few that profit from wars. [See http://livingstones.blog – SWFQW] **

  • Education, health and community services will all be restored by shifting towards a Resource Based Economy.
  • The Hierarchical order will also become obsolete as education replaces propaganda and with it the awareness that all life is equally important.
  • Famine, Poverty and street crimes can virtually become non-existent as we provide for everyone’s needs.
  • As the world’s population becomes more educated and provided for, the growth will stabilize and even reverse.

These are just some of the improvements we will see. Let me know if I left something out – We are all in this together. Love, Peace and Unity!

http://livingstones.blog** Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

http://theharrogateagenda.org.uk – SIX DEMANDS

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