Beware the Thought Police!

Good morning, fellow Brexiteers! If you get time, do download the pdf at the foot of this post.

It’s an analysis of the GE 2017 results, with the names of the current 274 Brexit Party PPCs shown alongside their respective constituencies for December 12th. I’ve put it up so that we can each keep a sharp eye on our local constituency, and spot any renegers. There’s a note opposite each of the present 650 incumbents, showing what they were saying about LEAVING, about the dreadful TM Withdrawal ‘deal’, and which of the Tory Blues voted ‘No Confidence‘ in the midst of her struggling and juggling.

Incidentally, I think I may have upset the FB Thought Police . I began sharing the file at 11.15 am and was in ONE weeks’ FB jail by 11.30 am..

You will all know what to do next.

25.11.19 – LUK R – TLD – GE 2019 Analysis – AL

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