Recommended reading

‘MOSES’ by Sholem Asch

Moses brought a testament of faith, a love of justice & a hatred of tyranny to the world. His story has inspired movements of national liberation. Asch portrays him with vigour, insight & sympathy as a leader who struggled with implacable enemies, rebellious followers & personal failings to bring his people to a land of promise. Asch weaves a tapestry of superbly realized oriental colour & movement. Egypt comes alive under his pen. The opulence & intrigue of Pharoah’s court is contrasted with the poverty & oppression of the slaves who worked to build & maintain the empire. Every episode provides & an excitingly instructive example. We meet Moses as a young prince, rebelling under palace discipline, aware of rumours concerning his birth, drawn to the Hebrews, but afraid to reach out to them. We see him struggling with halting speech & a violent temper. Finally, he finds his true family & makes the decision to cast his lot with Israel. One day in the desert, God speaks to him out of a bush that burns but isn’t consumed & commands him to deliver Israel to freedom. A great trek begins. This work of historical exactitude & sustained inspiration meets the challenge of Moses with a scope & authority worthy of that sublime figure.
“In 1936, the novelist & critic Ludwig Lewisohn was asked to name the world’s ten greatest living Jews. The resulting list, which ran in The NY Times, included Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber & Louis Brandeis. Lewisohn deemed only one writer great enough to be included in this illustrious company: Sholem Asch.”—Ellen Umansky, Tablet Magazine


Switzerland Rejects 5G Technology!

With sincere thanks to Mark Steele (mark.steele@reevu.com) for this update.
I have written to the company who presently supply all my power – light bulbs, broadband and mobile phone, asking for a clarification that they do NOT intend to foist 5G upon their customers – letter totally ignored. Sir Nick Carter (our Chief of General Staff) mentions his concerns in his annual address at the RSI. It is quite plain to see that this is yet another ‘SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS’ issue – (see http://livingstones.blog – search SWFQW) and we are not sheep, nor are we asleep.
  1. 5G Genocide.  Northumbria Police have not carried out a proper investigation in relation to the 5G LED crime in the North East, we have appealed against this action. Share our website with others so they can get involved http://www.saveusnow.org.uk .
  2. Gateshead Council are removing the illegal transmitters that had been fitted in the Street furniture, claiming the Multi Million pound 5G technology is now obsolete. The robust tactics are working in our favour. No other councils are removing them yet.
  3. Bristol. Criminals at Bristol council are covering up the real reason for the collapse in the insect and small mammal population across the area.  They know this is a crime they know it is experimental and in breach of the Nuremberg code. They know it is the 5G that is destroying the ecological mix in the area. Take firm action.
  4. Court Cases. We have developed two legal arguments as claimants one over the 5G Microwave radiation pollution and the other over the illegal LED light fitments, News will emerge soon about a number of actions coming. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/let-justice-be-done-though-the/ We are seeing lots of actions now in the USA, the recent decision by the Italian Courts upholding the lower court’s decision and confirming that ICNIRP are an industry paid organisation and that their evidence should carry less weight confirming that brain tumours are as a matter of fact caused by microwave radiation.
  5. Press. The main stream media the FT and the STAR online are covering this criminal enterprise of the deployment of dangerous 5G LED technologies, Keep the pressure on at a local level.
  6. London Mark did a great talk in South London the day before we demonstrated outside parliament. The nefarious activities by others to try and hijack the Growing 5G resistance was blocked and the space appeal and the 5G international group exposed as a control over the resistance movements.  5G is in your street furniture, the fact that the main stream keeps banging on about the 5G Sat’s launches etc. alerted us to the fact that this is a way of ‘disempowering’ narrative.
  7. E mail, we now have proof positive that our e mails are compromised, so it is crucial that we share this information. Resend this newsletter to others in your e mail lists, we need your postcodes so that we can start putting people together to support each other.”

‘By their fruits you shall know them’ – Matt 7:15-20

I first posted this comment 12 months ago to the day; much of it remains relevant now, as our new ‘super-hero’ [Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson] continues to shuffle the same cards as his predecessor, albeit now with the grudging ‘support’ of many thousands of erstwhile ‘Red Flag’ adherents who have somehow gritted their teeth and put their ‘X’ in the BLUE box.

I take the liberty of posting an exceptional piece by ‘Democracy 17.4’ [WJ] on the total duplicitous mismanagement of our domestic affairs since 23.06.16 –

‘The humbling of a British Prime Minister (Teresa May) continues apace: a sorry chapter in our island story. The myriad excursions to Brussels, cap in hand, are somewhat redolent of the final journey of Caractacus being brought in chains to Rome.

‘The British electorate will never forget or forgive this wretched, ignominious Parliament for such humiliations, as fealty is sworn to the Brussels bureaucrats. And the reckoning at the next General Election will be fearsome to behold.

‘As we at Democracy17.4 have pointed out repeatedly, the EU is our enemy, not our friend. All our representatives were obliged to do was to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, and sever our subsequent Treaty obligations by serving notice under the Vienna Convention of Treaties. This work was capable of accomplishment on a summer afternoon, after the 2016 referendum, thereby honouring the result to Leave unilaterally.

‘Then, of course, the EU, with a £90 billion trade advantage at stake, would have begged for a trade deal with the U.K. shortly afterwards, as indeed they are likely to do after the 29th March deadline expires. Elementary.

‘The root cause of such endless procrastination has been a fundamental misconception about the nature of the EU. They are empire builders, and Brexit remains a threat to their imperial ambitions; hence their spurious ‘backstop’ idea to lock us into the EU in perpetuity. But they have overplayed their hand, and will no doubt offer a sweetheart deal at the last moment, a sucker’s punch to lock the U.K. in by other means. Certainly, the EU regard our parliamentarians with contempt, as indeed do the British people.

‘The EU, remember, sought to annex the Ukraine by toppling the then Russian President, offering a bribe of 18 billion Euros to join their club; and imposing sanctions on Russia after a peaceful referendum to decide the political future of the Crimea. If Khrushchev, not Putin had been in power, we would have landed in World War III. As it stands today, the EU desire to build its own Army undermines NATO. And who could blame the US if they decided to pull out because other EU countries fail to make adequate contributions?
The EU is an evil force, with its roots in fascism (= control without authority), funded by a Fourth Reich; a source of instability in an unstable world. At Democracy17.4, we will welcome its destruction, paving the way for bilateral trade with individual European countries.

‘Meanwhile, life is getting tougher for our European friends, particularly in France, where civilians are now being shot indiscriminately by police with guns loaded with rubber bullets.’

And people want to REMAIN – tied to a system like that??

(With thanks to Alexander Knox Wylie for a timely reminder)


What’s in a name?

Here’s a controversial one. A leaflet arrived through my letter box this morning – from the ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association UK’. It’s addressed to me as their ‘Friend‘, although they DID have my postal address code to get it here, so, I’m assuming they already know what name I go under.

Briefly, the text is rejoicing in the recent development that has allowed ‘them’ [BGEA] to hold a two-day ‘Love Phnom Penh’ festival in that great city. This after the mass genocide which happened in the years between 1975 and 1979. Featured strongly is the theme they promote – “Sharing the truth of the Gospel and the hope found in Jesus Christ is the best ‘gift’ (aha!) you (that’s me) could give to anyone.” Now, whilst I have nothing personally against Franklin Graham, (indeed, I was present at the old Wembley stadium in 1973 when his father Dr Billy, a fine-living man, got very upset with two C & W singers, who wrecked a spirit-filled convention for 73,000 of us by singing a carnal song) I find myself examining true motive here.

The Jewish Carpenter prophesied to his myriad followers [Matt 7:15-24] that there would be many who would go around doing wonderfully persuasive things using his ‘name’ as their ‘authority’, but that these sincere souls would not make Graduation Day, because they ‘never KNEW’ him; they would simply have been working lawlessly. Now, think for a moment, what language did the carpenter speak? If you think it doesn’t matter, then,(not wishing to be offensive, but on the other hand not wanting to remain inoffensive either), you are probably a victim of Vatican Marketing Unlimited and where you attend every week on a Sunday morning is nothing more than a social club.

The carpenter’s name was very effective [Acts 3:6] when his agents used it to help the poor cripple lad who sat outside the ‘social club?’ entrance, and I’m sure THEY didn’t use the wrong NAME. ” Silver and gold have I none, but, in the name of ‘the resurrected Jewish Carpenter’ get up and walk!”

I shall NOT be sending any contribution to Buckhurst Hill IG9 5EX, but I WILL keep going around doing good and helping all the oppressed [Acts 10:38] with the Author’s authority.