What’s in a name?

Here’s a controversial one. A leaflet arrived through my letter box this morning – from the ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association UK’. It’s addressed to me as their ‘Friend‘, although they DID have my postal address code to get it here, so, I’m assuming they already know what name I go under.

Briefly, the text is rejoicing in the recent development that has allowed ‘them’ [BGEA] to hold a two-day ‘Love Phnom Penh’ festival in that great city. This after the mass genocide which happened in the years between 1975 and 1979. Featured strongly is the theme they promote – “Sharing the truth of the Gospel and the hope found in Jesus Christ is the best ‘gift’ (aha!) you (that’s me) could give to anyone.” Now, whilst I have nothing personally against Franklin Graham, (indeed, I was present at the old Wembley stadium in 1973 when his father Dr Billy, a fine-living man, got very upset with two C & W singers, who wrecked a spirit-filled convention for 73,000 of us by singing a carnal song) I find myself examining true motive here.

The Jewish Carpenter prophesied to his myriad followers [Matt 7:15-24] that there would be many who would go around doing wonderfully persuasive things using his ‘name’ as their ‘authority’, but that these sincere souls would not make Graduation Day, because they ‘never KNEW’ him; they would simply have been working lawlessly. Now, think for a moment, what language did the carpenter speak? If you think it doesn’t matter, then,(not wishing to be offensive, but on the other hand not wanting to remain inoffensive either), you are probably a victim of Vatican Marketing Unlimited and where you attend every week on a Sunday morning is nothing more than a social club.

The carpenter’s name was very effective [Acts 3:6] when his agents used it to help the poor cripple lad who sat outside the ‘social club?’ entrance, and I’m sure THEY didn’t use the wrong NAME. ” Silver and gold have I none, but, in the name of ‘the resurrected Jewish Carpenter’ get up and walk!”

I shall NOT be sending any contribution to Buckhurst Hill IG9 5EX, but I WILL keep going around doing good and helping all the oppressed [Acts 10:38] with the Author’s authority.

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