“Belay there, Cap’n!!”

The forecast looks set fair, there is much euphoria floating on a fair breeze, the waters seem calmer now, and tickets are selling fast to celebrate a great pleasure cruise.

Departure is planned for a week today, and you will be sailing in a vessel named ‘Britannia’. True, she has been mothballed for a generation, but now she is being refitted as preparations are made for a ‘once in a lifetime’ voyage, and it looks as if the vessel will be heading WEST.

However, a word of caution: I do hope that Captain Johnson ensures that all the holes have been caulked in our vessel, after all, it IS relying on deal (dictionary definition – ‘pine timber, sawn into boards of a standard size’); I seem to remember that the SS Great Britain was towed from the Falkland Islands after she had lain unused for a long time. She made the trip, but then, she was made out of cast iron..

We’ve given the Cap’n some strong stuff to work with, but we wouldn’t want our vessel to discover any leaks on her maiden voyage, would we? If she ain’t caulked, it may be 15th April 1912 all over again.



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