“We’ve got butter!”

Come down between 7am and 8am” they said, a time-slot aimed at helping us owd folk get a fair share of what’s still grabbable, so I did, and arrived at 7.10am – to find 500+ motor vehicles in the parking spaces. Watching the crowds of sprightly ‘seniors‘ (‘I’m shopping for my gran!‘) silently shuffling around in store ‘S‘ last weekend, I was reminded of the days just after the mad Austrian decorator had been dealt with (yes, I AM that old) when my mam sent me to the local shop about fifty yards from our back-to-back. She had sent me for margarine, but the lady behind the counter whispered “Run home, love, tell your mum we’ve got butter!”

Perhaps the time is not far away when we will be issued with Ration Books – after all, it worked well last time around, and, remember, you can always  swap coupons with your neighbour…

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