Explaining Digital Currency

For those of you who don’t know me personally I’ve been involved in a specialist aspect of the glass industry for over 40 years, In that time I’ve seen big changes in the way both business and personal finance has been handled.

It is now obvious that, within the next few years, we’ll all be living in a ‘cashless’ world: cheque books? they are becoming as rare as hens’ teeth, first, we were funnelled into using debit/credit cards with PIN numbers, now it’s ‘contactless’ purchasing, together with, as we write this, a convenient ‘virus’ which also separates us from each other socially.

What is happening here is both remarkable and serious.

The COVID-19 ‘virus’ has not arrived by accident. It is one part of a grand plan to fundamentally change society, firstly by scaring us all as if it were the Black Death, then by trying to introduce an unproven  vaccine, – not necessary when only 0.99 % of population is affected, and finally by using this ‘lockdown’ process to get us all corralled and used to purchasing online – without using cash.

Already aware of this, happily, in September I came across a product which can help to improve all of our lives and put every one of us who grasps it into a much better situation financially – as we learn to cope with these social changes – it is an entirely new *decentralized digital currency..

This new digital coin, really brand new, has some important differences to any of the others, and comes with a brilliant set of principles.

The name of the product, (which is still in the development stage), is very small –it’s called Pi (like the mathematical miracle –  = 3.142…) but it does have powerful prospects ahead.

The different thing about Pi is that your own mobile phone is the place where the new  Pi coins are created (it’s called ‘mining’ – like minting coins), and it costs us nothing beyond a little patience and a little battery juice. When the product is finally launched publicly, (that is set for next Spring) there will already be millions of Pi Network members (as of today there are over 9 million) who got our coins when they stood at 0.00 value.

Some of you will already have heard of Bitcoin. The Bitcoin experience was astounding, but it was new and not everyone trusted it. When it first went public, Bitcoin was worth just cents: now, over 10 years later, that same digital, intangible ‘coin’ was this morning valued at more than 11,000 US$ – per coin, and it’s even possible to own tiny percentages of just a single Bitcoin: (of course, other coins are available)…!

However, there were one or two drawbacks to Bitcoin. The number of ‘coins’ ever to be produced was always going to be limited in the code, and those well-heeled souls who could, soon got involved in the minting (MINING) of those coins, using pretty hi-tech machines, all linked up, running continuously and eating up electricity – which is costly.

Pi, on the other hand, is genuine, it is cheap to develop and is designed to be available to very man and woman across the globe who can work a mobile phone.

I’m asking you to look seriously at this new product. I’ve put in a link below to take you to the website, where the project is explained by tapping the 3 parallel white lines at the top left-hand corner of your screen. A drop-down list of 11 topics appears; read them at your leisure.

I have also prepared another pdf sheet, explaining in greater detail how to go about getting started. If you need that bit of extra help, either call me on one of the numbers below or email the address at the foot of the pages.

Pi is a genuine new digital currency, developed by three Stanford PhDs, already with over 9 million members worldwide. These ‘coins’ are here to stay, and there are serious advantages to knowing about them – and acquiring some. Those of us who have understood this trend are already moving to invest into this futuristic ‘money’, not least to ensure that those whom we shall be leaving behind will not be left behind.

To claim your Pi, follow this link –


and use my username – yorkie226 – as your personal invitation code.

*Decentralized – this means without centrally operated banks controlling it; all cryptocurrency works on the principle of literally thousands of computers worldwide, all linked to ensure both complete openness and complete security – the system cannot ever be hacked or hijacked.

Sincerely yours

Grant Smith

39 Crown Green Huddersfield HD4 5TR

Tel: +44(0)1484 461423                 GSM: +44(0)7496 536670

Email: info@livingstones.uk               Weblog: https://livingstones.blog/blog

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