Coronavirus – to be, or not to be?

It is becoming quite obvious that the present government is floundering over this so-called ‘medical emergency’. There are several medical staff who are now speaking out and telling the truth, even at the risk of incurring the wrath of their ’employer’, about what is, or more likely, isn’t happening in their hospitals. Many hundreds of medical practitioners, surgeons, nursing staff are expressing doubts as to what we are being sold as a ‘pandemic’. Attached is a link to a lengthy report from yet another experienced COVID Physician (who wisely, perhaps), does not disclose his/her name.

Please do take the time to read and digest this material, before sharing it as widely as possible..

We cannot speak for the rest of society generally, but there is no way we in the UK should stand by and allow our economy to be decimated, our working lives to be hijacked, our children’s education to be disrupted and suffer our personal dignity to be affronted, just to satisfy the grandiose cravings of the self-styled ‘establishment elite – 1%’ to rule the 99%.

The ‘Great Reset’ can be re-shaped into the ‘Great Upset’ if we all work together to expose this ‘pandemic’ for what it is – a false flag event. Please SHARE this link far and wide..

1 thought on “Coronavirus – to be, or not to be?”

  1. Well said & i totally agree,if government are so sure in what they say then they should allow these scientist to come forward & debate it on tv with the believers but they won’t,why if they’ve nothing to hide.


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