Truth – the sharpest scalpel!

If the online activity of the past four years is to be trusted, there is no doubt that President Donald J Trump has been consistently ruffling a lot of democratic feathers across the pond. Well, what did they expect, when the nation voted in a business man rather than a politician? Right from the day he declared that he wanted to “go see Rocket-Man” I could see that we were going to be in for something special.

Today, we have confirmation from a Dr Steve Pieczenik, who has been authorized to make a public statement, confirming what was circulating last week, that there have been serious shenanigans going on at the polling stations running up to the election on November 3rd across the USA. There can surely be no clearer announcement than this, that evidence is appearing which will send many people to jail for their part in this democrat fiasco. Please see the attached video, issued on Friday 6th November 2020


It seems that there is a g-d in heaven after all..

1 thought on “Truth – the sharpest scalpel!”

  1. I’ve been trying to post Truths since the day of JFK’s murder–’63. People have not wanted to wake up to reality of what is, sadly.


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