From all corners of the globe, we are now hearing shouts of protest: in our little corner of the vineyard, seldom any voice raised in contradiction of an obvious truth. This is a typical example – a contact in Europe writes to me (in excellent English – we Brits are so lazy about foreign languages, another symptom of complacency; after all, 1% of the global population has ensured that 2 billion of the others now use ‘our’ language)

“The British military is useless. An army that does nothing when an enemy invades their realm might as well be demobbed, because branding an invasion of thousands of men (very few wombmen [sic] on board) of fighting age as a ‘refugee crisis’ is totally insane!”

However, finally, and from where else but from our blunt antipodean cousins, comes a voice of reason, (although he’ll probably lose his pension over it) as a police speaks out. Do please SHARE this 7-page dose of common sense..

Sincerely yours, AndrewL


  1. Shared thanks Andrew, this madness will not end until professionals from the judiciary, police, medical profession etc. speak up. Respect to him for calling them out


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