Send a ‘Freedom of Information’ request

After these several months of being mugged around by the present government, it’s becoming clear to all but the most naive among us, that this so-called ‘virus’ is not turning out to be quite what we were led to believe.

It is therefore time for every one of us, in as many cities and towns as possible, to WRITE to our local NHS Foundation Trust office, and to ASK, under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, for the accurate number of deaths, due only to the COVID 19 ‘virus’

Attached here is a pdf, which you can use as a SPECIMEN letter. We advise you not to TYPE it, but to make a clear hand-written (in CAPS if you need to) request. You will be able to find your local NHS Foundation Trust address details without too much trouble.

If and when you DO get an answer, please send a copy to us by either of the following:

info@livingstones.uk by email, or to 39 Crown Green Huddersfield HD4 5TR by snail-mail, so that we can get an accurate picture of what’s REALLY been going on..

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