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BUDESONIDE – Why the silence in the UK?

I recently recorded an audio file on ‘Brighteon’ – where a Dr Ronald Bartlett describes how he has found this treatment, Budesonide – already proven over many years to clear bacterial infection and inflammation from the lungs – is also effective today in clearing off the present troublesome version of SARS. He has now used it successfully to help cure many patients.

However, I am not permitted to load an audio file onto WordPress – for security reasons? Anyone who would like to hear and share the file can email us at the usual address – – or it may still be up on Brighteon

Yesterday, after a fall in the early hours in my home, being taken by ambulance to the local hospital, with broken nose and damaged spectacles, I was happy to get x-ray confirmation that my very sore neck vertebrae were still intact. However, I was openly mocked by doctors that I should outright REFUSE the very matter-of-fact COVID swab , declared to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and told that I WOULD ‘have to have’ said swab when they put me on a Ward (to check out my chronic hypotension).

Twenty minutes later, I was back home by taxi. Going to bed to rest my sore neck, I was disturbed after 30 more minutes by heavy knocking at the door; an ambulance with two paramedics had been dispatched, quote “because you still have a cannula in your arm” (which I had already removed). “Is there a shortage of them?” I asked, “you can take it away if you need it” – and thanked them politely but firmly for their concern. They seemed nonplussed that a patient should understand that there is a difference between admission and detainment within the NHS  system. They left..

With a hat-tip to my online friend, Christian Destree, for spotting the typo in the product name..

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