Pride is a deadly sin..


What will it take to get our nation up off its knees? The UK national debt currently stands at some £500bn today, which equates to a cost of £10,000 for every single ‘covid-related’ fatality here.

The Tories have backed themselves into a corner and would apparently rather see thousands more seniors (with co-morbidities) perish than admit they have got the response wrong.

We need to let commonsense prevail: if someone is ill, they stay home, just as we’ve always done, and let society function normally. We didn’t have all this fuss when the SARS-2 cost 64k lives in 2009.

All of which confirms our impression that the Tories are in thrall to a deep state agenda. If not, all they have to do is to ‘change tack’ and steer the nation away from the rocks.

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