Boredom versus Melodrama

All business heads in Europe seem to be standing with bated breath, waiting for some seismic ‘shock’, if, after four and a half years of debating, demanding, delaying and dithering, the dis-United Kingdom should FINALLY manage to wriggle out of the EU’s clutches. Isn’t there more to this life than money? Those of us who can remember  Anderson shelters, Ration Books and margarine instead of butter might have a more prosaic view. Still, somehow, I’m having some difficulty in fully trusting that BoJo will find the backbone to actually walk away without conceding more than ECHR and EAW (G-d knows, those are not compatible with English values, and don’t get me started on a regime which can countenance the rendition and detention of Noakes and Thyer for the ‘heinous crime’ of developing a cure for many cancerous tumours without first obtaining permission from the demi-gods of the MHRA).

I refer readers once more to Mark Curtis’s book ‘Secret Affairs’; I’ve loaned out my copy but it still sits uncomfortably alongside Booker & North’s ‘The Great Deception’.. and let’s not assume, either, that the Hochstaplerei are going to turn down the opportunity to keep nibbling away at the perimeters of Britannia.

An American commentator of some gravitas and experience has prophesied that, within the next generation, two things are distinctly probable – a) the final dissolution of the ‘pink’ bits of Commonwealth on our world atlases, and b) the return of the Six Counties to their Irish fold. At least the latter development would resolve the matter of that ‘mid-sea backstop’ notion.

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