The vaccines which are currently being heralded as a protection against covid-19 merit closer inspection. We are about to introduce some information here, which should prompt us all to stop, think and do some research, before simply rolling up our sleeve for the miracle panacea.

Back in August this year, concern was first expressed by a ‘whistle-blower’, a former employee of Glaxo Smith Kline [GSK], that the vaccines being prepared for worldwide release will contain PRIONS (1) which will cause sterility in females to an efficacy of 97% – and sterility in males. Now, again, on December 2nd 2020, this assertion is repeated, updated and confirmed as a well-founded threat. (The references, via which you can verify the source of this disturbing news, can be found at the foot of this article.) The vaccine will also carry carcinogenic chemicals (2).

Before you dismiss this as mere alarmist ‘fear-mongering’ drivel, I ask you to also verify that there has already been a ‘trial run’ of this type of mass immunization, carried out in sub-equatorial Africa within the past ten years, where a vaccination, promoted as preventing ‘TETANUS’, is resulting in some 500,000 females now proving to be infertile.

You may be prompted to ask –

“Why in the world could anyone be so deranged as to even CONTEMPLATE such a thing?

The justification will likely take the guise of super-intelligence, presuming to make overarching decisions as to how future global society needs to be run. We are told that, by the year 2050, the world’s population will exceed 10bn (ten billion souls). We are also told that there are presently over 1m (one million) elective abortions annually, due to unintended pregnancies, which are damaging the reproductive health of females. There is therefore a pressing need, we hear, to develop newer and improved contraceptive measures.

In this regard, one new method is starting to gain attention – ‘immunocontraception’ – which will use gamete(3) production, gamete outcome or gamete function. This is seen as ‘an exciting and feasible approach’ – to what, one may ask?

However, such factors as a) varying reactions to vaccinations and therefore b) varied time lapses between the point of injection [POI] and any noticeable results, mean that there will clearly be a corresponding delay in arriving at TITRE (4). All of which makes the production of pre-formed antibodies(5) both relevant and desirable, if their plan is to succeed.

There is presently a review – the ‘witches on the heath’ are assessing and analysing the status and progress of these ‘immunocontraceptive’ approaches as the route to reaching their target – establishing a ‘future fertility control agent’. Both hCG and GnRH will cause infertility (see further reading below)

The move to PATENT, CONTROL and PROFIT from this COVID ‘episode’ dates all the way back to 1999 and implicates both the CDC(6) and  dear Dr Fauci.(7)

But, of course, if we, the sheeple, react to these revelations, we get filed away under ‘F’ for fear mongering or ‘C’ for crackpot.

Now, let’s go back to the issue of carcinogenic inclusions. It doesn’t take much imagination to see that the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency [MHRA] has been very well aware of these developments, (been ongoing since 1999), seeing as their directors are largely employees of the ‘Big Pharma’ ilk.

Can we therefore imagine that this is the REAL reason that our friends David Noakes and Lyn Thyer continue to languish in that foul French penitentiary at Fleury-Merogis outside Paris? After all, we wouldn’t want anyone selling an 89% successful CURE for (up to 120,000 cases annually of Stage IV) tumours to get in the way of the obscene profiteers’ conspiracy to run and to rule the globe, eh?

As we bring this issue closer to home, do any of us think that BoJo is unaware of all this genocidal planning? Will he prove to be complicit or a refusenik?

Also, importantly, which will you be, dear reader, when they are standing before you with their syringe?? All we ask you to do is – JOIN THE DOTS..

Further reading:

See also;

– Kiranjeet Kaur and Vijay Prabha Biomed_Res_Int 2014;2014:868 196 10th July 2014 doi:10.1155/2014/868196 PMCID: PMC4119744 PMID: 25110702

hCG – conception occurs, but embryo aborts – hCG is produced by cancer cells.

GnRH – a hypothalamic factor which acts on the pituitary gland (situated at the top of the spine and below the cortex to the brain. The writer saw this gland being removed as an important ‘capture’ at several post mortem examinations, back in the 1970s) has been found in seminal fluid; it appears to increase sperm interaction with the ‘zona pellucida’ (outer layer) of the ova (female egg). GnRH will prevent conception, disrupt the pituitary action and also causes disruption in the human gut.


  • Prions = ‘misfolded’ proteins with the ability to transmit their misfolded shape onto normal variants of the same protein. They characterize several fatal and transmissible neurodegenerative diseases in humans and in many other animals (BSE).[3] It is not known what causes the normal protein to misfold, but the abnormal three-dimensional structure is suspected of conferring infectious properties, thus collapsing other nearby protein molecules into the same shape. The word prion derives from “proteinaceous infectious particle
  • Carcinogenic  – any substance which produces cancer
  • gamete = a term used in Biology to mean a mature germ cell being able to unite with another mature germ cell in sexual reproduction, (Greek ‘gameta’ = ‘wife’ – monogamy = only one wife) – as in ‘sperm meets egg
  • TITRE – in Chemistry, this is ‘the preferred or ideal strength of any (liquid) solution
  • antibodies – any of various proteins, produced as a result of introducing a ‘foreign’ substance or toxin into our blood.
  • CDC – enters for Disease Control and Prevention, a US agency

This information is produced in good faith and from a duty to supply the readers with genuine information. The writer, whilst having extensive experience, is NOT a medical professional. We invite readers to carry out their own research.

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