I have obtained a sound recording, made from a YouTube item, where a certain Dr Bartlett is being interviewed on a USA daytime show, discussing how he is successfully using BUDESONIDE to treat patients who are suffering with the bacterial infection known as COVID-19. He is a very experienced General Practitioner who also works as a Emergency room physician at his local hospital.

He remembered that an anti-inflammatory steroid – BUDESONIDE – had worked successfully for over 25 years in treating patients who experienced breathing difficulties, so he reasoned that it ought to be effective since that ‘I feel like I’m drowning’ symptom is so common with covid sufferers. Over several weeks , Dr Bartlett has treated hundreds – with no failures.

The recording is 19 minutes in length, and the show was first broadcast in October 2020. One wonders why the general public hasn’t heard about this product.

Please email us at – info@livingstones.uk – for a copy of the file, since, for security reasons, WordPress will not allow us to append it to this post.

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