Watch “This is the most HEARTBREAKING lockdown enforcement video so far” on YouTube

This, apparently, is the mentality in South Australia. Original date was May 2020, but things haven’t improved. Our mighty medical mogul here in the UK, came out with this little gem yesterday..

‘Police are correct’ to be arresting OAPs on park benches, bursting unannounced into private dwelling at the behest of the local ‘snitches’ – because this Chinese import, this 21stC ‘Black Death’, becomes grimmer by the minute.
The latest buzzword? “Every fleck can be FATAL” so, presumably, free speech being already gone, liberty being a memory, democracy now being dead (elections are not postponed, they’re CANCELLED) we should all just get Mr Gates’s injection and – LET THE NWO COMMENCE!!

It seems, not all the rats are in Room 101.

Yet, we still seem content to squat in our individual wigwams, serenely believing that its all going to go away soon.

No names, no pack drill as we used to say, but yesterday I had a typical example, someone responds with some frustration to our post, saying “but what can I do”? When we suggest that joining a working group and shouting out LOUDER would be a start, all we got was ‘I don’t need anyone, I look after my family and do my own thing “- which must be music to the ears of the Outer Party ferret, who’s recording every word, every keystroke, in that great subterranean digital barn, where all our digital Doppelgängers are being created..

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