The Truth in Black and White

We understand that one of JB’s first actions in the hot seat has been to scrap the 1776 Commission, whose work is to reaffirm the foundational principles of the States..

The American people are now faced with the nightmare prospect of a band of the usual suspects, led by a delusional puppet front-man, propped up by foreign conspirators, all absolutely determined to destroy the very concept on which the nation is grounded. Perhaps the reason the actors at the inauguration ‘farce’ all looked so glum is that they know they have been rumbled.

Our impression is that 75+ millions of good solid sensible American citizens actually KNOW that, on the latest election evidence alone, they have all been deeply insulted. Just remember what it says in the New Covenant rule book about ‘Houses’ of any kind which are not built on the Rock, or has JB already placed a bulk paint order for the White to go to Black??

1 thought on “The Truth in Black and White”

  1. Alas I believe everything you say, How sad that we should come to this. Great countries or not they are not going to be fit for the human too live in If things go the way that they are going. I am a Theorist, it’s a bad habit but a very interesting one. You sound very interesting Andrew, You live where many of my ancestor’s lived very many moons ago, I love seeing it on the tv and if someone puts on a show. Janet


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