The Truth about Cash

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsXI38ey-nY&t=162s Recorded three years ago, but still no sign of any change here in the UK. A copy of the powerful little book ‘Alice and the Money Tree’ by John W Briggs will clarify the problem and the solution. ISBN 978-1-9998485-0-7 Across the pond, the recently subverted POTUS knows that a ‘Gold Standard’ is the bulwark against the oncoming tsunami of digital dosh, which is one of the reasons why the dastardly Democrats’ digital demolition of the democratic choice of 75+million American voters had to be planned. Dominion by deceit.. This deep insult will not ever be forgotten, nor forgiven, either by the Republican majority nor by the cadre of solid, responsible citizens who on THIS occasion, actually DID choose the donkey rather than the elephant. Here in the UK? Oh, we’ll still be dithering over impondérable issues such as fishing quotas, cycle lanes in London and HS2..

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