Greetings all: I guess you’ve realised by now that I’m a bit concerned about subterranean silos, where our individual personal data is being harvested and stored. I don’t know about you, but I’m really keen to see whether my ‘Digital Doppelgänger’ is using my 16 yr old sepia snapshot – or will it be the one they’ll take when they’ve had me in Room 101..? Here is today’s rant about yet another of BB’s subliminal ideas. It has been popping up in my personal inbox once every week since December 7th 2020, (so it must be very important, mustn’t it?) – My Analytics its called, and it’s been specially designed just for little ME! It’s a special ‘Wellbeing Edition’ it’s even got my Given Name in there, and, best of all, it’s ‘For yours eyes ONLY’ – nah, go on, you’re flattering me! It is a superb new ‘app’ lication which will enable me to analyse – MYSELF! I’m going to be able to discover my habits, and, wait for it, (here it comes again) to work even SMARTer. Talk about unrelenting ‘drive’. Let’s just say, I’ll be sticking to my daily diary – as John Thaw’s Morse would have said “with a PEN and INK!” Sincerely yours, Andrew.

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