Who’s telling porkies?

Looking on the Statista.com website we read that, in the seven days to the end of January 2021, there were in the UK a total of 159,300 ‘cases’ of the dreaded ‘virus’, whereas, on the UK government’s own record of ‘notifiable’ dis-eases, for the same calendar week, we are told that there were 115 such cases reported??

The United Kingdom looks to be standing at third worst of 150 countries in the above-mentioned report in terms of fatalities per million, as compared with many other countries with larger population, who are known to have avoided enforcing draconian ‘lockdown‘ tactics.

We seem to be taking advice from a very limited cadre of ‘experts’. Meanwhile, in Germany, more than 500 medical doctors are very clear that this is a false pandemic, in Spain, 600+ medical doctors state that the existence of the ‘virus’ is not even medically proven to exist, and has been promoted for political purposes. In the USA a documentary film – ‘PLANDEMIC‘ – has more than 27,000 medical doctors supporting it.

As early as 2015, in the Netherlands, Richard Rothschild patented – ‘A system and method for testing for COVID-19‘ – called it by name – (COVID-19 is an acronym for ‘Corona Virus Disease 2019

In 2017 this precise nomenclature was already appearing on sales and research papers, and in the same year, one Dr Anthony Fauci was able to guarantee “a pandemic within the next two years

In 2018 those two world authorities on matters medical, Bill and Melinda Gates, were also guaranteeing an imminent global pandemic which, they assured us, could “wipe out 30 million people“, due to the ‘dense’ population of the earth.

In October 2019 the same redoubtable couple were over in New York, organizing a ‘Coronavirus pandemic exercise’ with the terms – “We need to prepare for the event that becomes a pandemic” up on a huge screen. The declared proposal at the end of that conference was that “all of humanity must be vaccinated“.

In December 2019 we heard Bill Gates declare “I’m particularly excited about what the next year could mean for one of the best buys in global health – vaccines“.

By Sept 5th 2020 the World Integrated Trade Solutions [WITS] had altered the stock description from COVID-19 to read ‘Medical Test Kits‘, but, alas, failed to vary the Product Code 300215 which still was showing ‘COVID-19 Test Kits’.
There was a much fuller publication of relevant details at – http://tapnewswire.com – which at the time of writing was ‘not available’..
Recent information from the World Bank states that the COVID-19 ‘project’ is planned to last until 31st March 2025: curiously, exactly the same target date appeared on the front of the Daily Mail last Tuesday, February 2nd, courtesy of our Prime Minister..

Finally, we had an American lady, Catherine Austin Fitts, in a 20-minute video – (YouTube) – joining all these dots together, showing how these ‘medical emergency’ events may just be a neat distraction for the next four years, until ‘Messrs Global’ have given themselves time to decimate trade and industry on a worldwide scale prior to the final introduction of a ‘cashless’ society to complete their Great Reset. Oddly, that lady’s video presentation now seems to have disappeared, although a copy of her ‘Solari Report‘ (May 2019 edition) backs up her suspicions, and a copy of this report is still available on request.

Don’t you think it is time, like this lady, to join up the dots?

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