Please listen to this very important 49-minute video .
Here a highly-qualified medical blows the whistle on the corrupt practices at the World Health Organization.
This is the ‘inside track’ on what is really going on at the World Health Organization [WHO], where we are told that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has ‘bought’ itself a seat at the top table, with the Global Alliance on Vaccine Initiative – to ensure that their vaccines will be on the WHO programme.
The GAVI gives total Immunity from prosecution to both the manufacturers and the suppliers of any of the vaccines which are now being foisted onto you.
This ‘GAVI’ is not legally qualified even to have representation in an Organization which only allows ‘countries’ to be members, but BGF has bribed its way in and has at the same time signed parallel agreements with every one of the countries who are ‘legitimate’ WHO members.
This GAVI is a corporation but has arranged not to have to pay any taxes in Switzerland. Please do persevere with the video, in German/English, (most parts are translated into English).
Rainer Fuellmich is a big-hitting lawyer, licensed to practice in California as well as in Europe. He is the guy who exposed the VW fraud on emissions from diesel vehicles. The group are taking action to bring a ‘Nuremberg-style ‘ trial of the Big Pharma plus these people who imagine that their enormous wealth renders them ‘beyond prosecution’.
This is extremely significant information. Right at the end, the Norwegian Dr Astrid Stuckelberger tells us that the WHO, whilst ordering every member state to accept that the PCR test is to be used, has also published in the very same document – SMALL PRINT – that the confounded test is not going to be reliable. But who reads the small print??
Here is the link: I suggest you save it somewhere and SHARE it; we are being taken for mugs and it has to stop.
Rainer Fuellmich is the guy to do it – if he doesn’t have an unfortunate accident

As a result, your government wants to convince you to accept an experimental vaccine, without ANY liability against either the manufacturer(s) or the supplier(s), this to deal with a viral infection which is showing (ONS figures) a 99.8% survival rate – and YOU think that I am the ‘absolutely b****y stupid one for declining such a risk? There have already been more than 200 UK deaths following the injection of this unproven material. Information about its composite parts was previously up on Wikipedia – but has since been taken down..


  1. Who amongst humanity that we know of at the moment would qualify to be the obvious candidate for “the man of sin,” the Antichrist “ other than Billygoat Gates?


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