It was in the summer of 1987 that I was travelling with some German business colleagues, in a left-hand-drive German-built car through the Ruhrgebiet.

As we passed the Möhne dam, there was a lull in our conversation. For a while, no-one said anything and I was reflecting how, some two years earlier, another English colleague and I, on a similar business trip, had taken the opportunity to walk across the wall of the Möhne dam – just because we could.

On that day, he and I had got our first real grasp of the immense size of the ‘Talsperre’, our minds inevitably linking back to ‘Operation Chastise’ and the daring of those aircrew who had flown so scarily low to pinpoint the detonation of Barnes Wallis’s rolling bombs.

On this day, forty-four years on, one of my passengers finally remarked

“So bad as we Germans were in the war, it was a terrible thing which happened here”

and he went on to relate how he had later spoken with one man whose home had NOT been swept away in the ensuing colossal deluge. I refrained from getting into any debate about the rights and wrongs of obtaining ‘control without authority’ – I simply said, “It was from my father that I first heard the saying ‘Truth is the first casualty in war’” – and I switched the topic.

Today, in April 2021, 34 years further down the time-track, we are all witnesses to another war – codename SWFQW – a Quiet War this one, being fought with Silent Weapons, but a war similarly commenced with neither authority nor scruple, and certainly with little regard to the tremendous suffering which follows wartime arrogance as surely as night follows day.

This time, the conspirators are smugly hidden behind seemingly impregnable walls of enormous wealth: the weaponry is different but the mantra remains the same, brazenly repeat the most ridiculous lies so relentlessly, until the majority of the plebians seem ready to accept the inevitability of it all – if nothing else, through absolute weariness.

Fortunately, now, as in the dark days of World War II, there are those whose spirit is not broken, and there is a certain irony in the concept of it being a German lawyer having the cohones to take on those whom Catherine Austin Fitts, in her video interview ‘PLANET LOCKDOWN’, describes as ‘Mr Global’. (You won’t find that online any more, it’s been taken down).

Today however, there is heartening news that there are cracks appearing in the fortifications of the globalists, and we quote:

Researchers from Norway, Germany and elsewhere have found evidence of a connection between the use of unproven mRNA injections and the sudden incidence of various types of blood clots’.

After umpteen months of mindlessly performing their same dogmatic catchphrase lines to camera the present UK actors have reluctantly had to acknowledge more than two dozen new cases of thrombosis – nine of them fatal – following the jab.’

It seems the dam may finally have been breached. All we can hope for is that those responsible for this continual misinformation are the ones who get swept aside.

Check out the report via the following link.

Confirmed: AstraZeneca Experimental COVID Injection Causes Fatal Blood Clots – Trials with Children Halted – Vaccine Impact

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