Small wonder if people are confused by the constantly changing advice from the present government leadership. Over the past 13 months we have progressed (downhill) from “Wash your hands frequently whilst singing two choruses of ‘Happy Birthday'” to ‘social distancing’, to ‘mask wearing’ to ‘stray from your home at your peril’.

Next came, in the nick of time, a medical lifebelt, thrown to a sinking public – the ‘vaccine‘ to pull us all out of the covid quicksand. This is being relentlessly touted as the answer to every aspect of this dread affliction, (whatever Covid-19 ACTUALLY is), to the point where we are bullied, practically pushed into an orderly queue and rolling up our sleeve. This even though the suppliers are telling us in their own SMALL PRINT that there could possibly be one or two risks. Or is there a sinister ulterior motive behind all this synchronised suffering?

Yesterday’s [Saturday 15th May] dose of reassurance came from the lips of that notable medical expert, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, that he is ‘quite sure’ that the present ‘jab’ will be fine to counter the latest ‘India’ variant, even though it was never properly tested before being used against the first edition of the ‘medical emergency’.

Well, talking about ‘risks’ let’s take a look at the video attached here for reality of what can happen when you take that risk. It is 71 minutes long, but, hey, it might help save lives..

Now decide whether you still trust the Westminster marionettes and their daily soothsaying or whether the many thousands of medical professionals – from the World Doctors Alliance – who are screaming ‘FOUL’! – might just be correct.

As ever, we encourage you to do your own research and weigh up the results you come up with. It’s likely that in 12 months’ time we shall need no arguments: those who fail to read the small print NOW will not be able to say THEN that we didn’t alert them to the warning signs all around us.

This is how many thousands have already decided:


  1. Dear Mr Livingstone,
    maybe you could comment on my take…
    “how anyone would do it to themselves is crazy…
    all you have to do is a little bit of research…
    see what real doctors and scientists have said, and especially about the covid vaccination.
    about 28/29 years ago I did the research on vaccination generally and came to the conclusion that it was a con… a big lie…
    I think it was the Pasteur ‘s who coined or rather initiated the
    ‘ Germ’ theory and most of modern medicine is based on this misconception…
    much like the belief that a vaccination can work…
    none of my 3 kids, now 28, 26 and 24 have had a vaccination,
    in my opinion, and following the views of celebrated chemist’s and Scientists there is in fact no empirical evidence that vaccine works… period!!!
    my youngest has never even had a antibiotic…
    Maybe I’m a bit over the top, so be it…


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