Vaxidental Damage

According to Natural Health News, since the start of the present injection programme, in Europe alone, there have been 405,250 adverse effects reported and 10,570 deaths have occurred, up to the end of May 2021. We ask ourselves why this damage was ‘essential’ for a dis-ease which is being attributed to a so-called ‘virus’ which has appeared in the very same year when, oddly enough, there has been a corresponding ‘drop’ in the number of influenza cases.. Internationally, the figures may turn out to be staggering, as, historically, statistics show that only 10% of cases are ever reported. Here on our islands, the MSM are strangely reluctant to discuss last weekend’s nationwide marching multitudes, (actually the marching millions), describing the London town protest, over 3 miles in length, walking 11 miles, as ‘hundreds’. The present occupants of the green benches are either a) being conned – or are b) complicit. There will be redress..

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