At the risk of sounding a bit Groundhog day-ish, we bring you further recent information relating to the ‘Pfizer’ version of what is being pushed into us in the UK as the panacea for a disorder for which there is already clear evidence of a 98+% recovery rate WITHOUT any need for the said ‘injections’. You won’t like this one, perhaps we should even give a Certificate X warning about this post, but it needs to be addressed.

We tender this for your information with a grateful acknowledgment to Dr Jane Ruby, who has confirmed to us by email her extreme concern that these products should be being offered to the general public prior to the requisite testing protocols, which rightfully take many years.

Those of us who are refusing to be duped, drawn or dragged into accepting these untested, unsuitable chemical formulae will probably also be the senior citizens who remember the German company ‘Chemie Gruenenthal‘ and their wonder drug ‘Contergan‘. This little beauty was introduced to our expectant ladies who were being troubled by ‘morning sickness’ . Now, being a mere male, I have little actual experience of this problem, beyond witnessing my own wife’s unpleasant vomiting , a daily occurrence in her case, right up to her delivery date, when she produced a splendid howling daughter..

The ladies who succumbed to the temptation of Contergan, however, were not so fortunate. Their gestation ended with the arrival of grossly deformed offspring, and the poor little infants (around 10,000 of them across 46 countries) became known as ‘Thalidomide‘ babies. That was in the late 1950s through to the early 1960s.

Now, in 1977, I was working in Whitefield, north area of Manchester, popped out to get a sandwich one lunchtime and coming towards me was a petite young lady in a pretty summer frock, pushing her baby in a perambulator. The baby was fine, the mother, well, not so fine, she had no arms at all, just her hands – protruding from her shoulders. .

Thalidomide effects.jpg

The polite term for this condition – phocomelia – is taken from the Greek word for a ‘seal’ with its flippers. You don’t forget a scene like that. Now, I don’t know which of these poor souls survived, nor how many of them never got to meet their parents, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is just the fourth reason that the writer will not be coerced into accepting any of their unproven concoctions.

Incidentally, have you noticed that there isn’t any mention lately of the medications – such as Budesonide, Ivermectin, (even the resident puppet in Downing Street was said to have been helped away from ‘death’s door’ by) Hydroxychloroquine or have these words been deleted from medical jargon?

No, but instead we are being bombarded night and day by propaganda, yellow signposting, lines of traffic cones – this way, folks, roll up for the Covid Clinic Show… I rest my case..

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