THOUGHT FOR TODAY – Friday 16th July 2021

One of the principal causes of tumours is STRESS.

In the UK police service, the average life-span of a retired constable is just 8 years. Here are the averages – joins at 18 yrs, serves 30 years, dies at 56 years. Joins at 25 yrs, serves 25 years – dies at 58 years.

Select your company well‘ – As harsh as it may sound, mixing with highly stressed people will make YOU feel stressed.

On the other hand, mixing with CALM people – even for the briefest period – will leave you feeling calm..

Another strong cause of tumours is SUGAR – apparently all cancers feed on it.

So, avoid STRESS, avoid SUGAR, look after your own immune system and mix with people who are not ruled by FEAR, and you can enjoy PEACE.

With a hat-tip to Paul Wilson – Instant Calm

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