I am entering my eightieth year and have seen quite a few medical emergencies come – and go, yet, out of all the vaccines I have encountered in my life….(tetanus, small pox, measles, polio, meningitis, TB, etc)…

  • I have never seen so much wishy-washiness over a ‘vaccine’ that says we have to wear a mask and socially distance even when we’ve been fully vaccinated.
  • That we could still contract or spread the virus even when fully vaccinated:
  • never been bribed by establishments to take the vaccine in order to win a car and/or cash prizes.
  • I was never judged if I didn’t take it.
  • I was never discriminated for travel or other regular services. 

The vaccines I listed above never once told me I was a bad person, either for not taking it…..or taking it for that matter.

  • I have never seen a vaccine that threatened the relationship between a family member and/or a close friend. 
  • Never seen it used for political gain.
  • Never seen it used to persuade kids in favour of free ice cream.
  • I have never seen a vaccine recommended to the public where we had to worry about mix and matching, were told what it was ok to do one day and then told the next day to NOT do this or that…then on and off, on and off again and again.
  • I have never seen a vaccine that threaten someone’s livelihood, job, school etc.
  • I have never seen a vaccine that allows a 12 year old’s consent to supersede his/her parent’s consent (that one alone blows me away).

So, after all I have said, can someone tell me how on God’s green earth we can become a ‘conspiracy theorist’, ‘uneducated’, ‘non-researched’, ‘not following the “science”’ for being unwilling to take this or any vaccine UNTIL the clinical trials are over at least two years from now??

Finally, after all the vaccines (shots) I have listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one which discriminates, divides and judges a society in the way that this one is being allowed to do.

This is, apparently, one powerful, experimental ‘emergency’ Covid injection.

It is resulting in all the effects that I have itemised and yet, it doesn’t achieve what all the other vaccines (shots) that I mentioned earlier were designed to do (and successfully achieved, I might add) which is -fight off the disease, the ‘infection’ against which our own (and many other international) government’s statistics are showing we have an extremely high chance (99.8%) of recovery.

Please take the time to look at the ONS website for the actual results, read the small print and do your own research.

What the mainstream media WON’T emphasize is that, in the UK alone, from the beginning of May until the end of June this year some 1,400 Deaths had occurred and there had been over 922,000 Serious Adverse Events in persons who had already accepted either ONE or TWO of these ‘emergency vaccines’. Such figures would once have been enough to cause an immediate pause in any public health programme.

What is further disappointing is that for taking the time to assess the seriousness of the perceived threat, a person can be immediately ostracised, with scarcely any of the detractors taking the time to ask WHY an individual may not be toeing the line for the ‘jab’.

Quite apart from anyone’s pre-existing medical frailties, there will be some of us who can remember what the public were offered in 1959 – Contergan. If you can’t recall the name, please refer to – https://livingstones.blog/blog – and search ‘BANGING THE DRUM’ for the gruesome details of what can happen when we rush drugs onto our people without prior testing and analysis.

This present insistence on ‘getting everyone vaccinated’ is NOT about your health or the safety of others. It’s about control by and riches for the ‘elite’ who consider their lives to be more valuable than mine and yours.

Fear not, there will be redress… Please feel free to SHARE this post via the pdf attached.

Sincerely yours, Andrew

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