EU Anthem – Subliminal inference

Recently, I have noticed that the ‘EU Anthem’ is being played several times per day in our town centre bus station.
No other music is EVER played, what the public address system regularly gives out are stern advisory ‘notices’ in a very loud and almost threatening male voice.
Which leaves me wondering, how, and at what level, was the decision taken that this should be played, in a country which has democratically chosen to leave the corrupt ‘union’.

(WordPress does not accept m4a files on security grounds – if anyone would like to hear the evidence, please email us on – info at livingstones dot uk – and we can send you a copy. It many be happening across the land)

If BoJo can’t be honest enough to say whether our nation is finally free from the damnable ‘European Arrest Warrant’ [EAW] , what chance do we have that many other deals have not been done under the table to keep us tied to their apron strings?
Here is another example, new high-quality planters set up in Cloth Hall Street, but, when we look closely, it’s EU funding which the Kirklees Council has accepted to get them installed.

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