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🆘 ❓Want to attend a protest?❓Want to block entrances to Parliament?❓Want to chain or lock yourself to a building or person?❓Causing too much noise?❓Causing an obstruction to major transport works? You face JAIL TIME.   Well, at least that’s what is drafted in the new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is going to Report Stage at the House of Lords where these clauses and amendments will be voted on on 8th, 13th and 15th Dec before going back to the House of Commons where TORIES have the majority vote [in the new year].   

THIS NEW ABHORRENT “ACT” WILL USURP OUR: ❕FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION❕FREEDOM of SPEECH❕FREEDOM to PROTEST❕FREEDOM of EXPRESSION❕FREEDOM from GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE and lastly, our FREEDOM to fight against TYRANNY! THE NEW PROPOSALS INCLUDE: ❌ For “locking on” or being “equipped” to lock on, whether it be a person, object, or land, if it causes disruption to 2 or more people or an organisation, you may spend up to 51 wks in jail❌ New stop and search powers, with or without suspicion [i.e. they need no reason to stop/search you], and, if you resist you may be arrested and can land yourself a jail sentence.❌ For obstructing transport works [i.e. HS2] or block entrances/roads to Parliament – consider a jail sentence.❌ “Serious Disruption Prevention Orders” which would prevent any person or organisation from protesting from 1 week to up to 2 yrs, including using the internet to share or induce others to protesting activities. 

These proposals have been put forward by TORY LORDS and PRITI PATEL; 20 pages of revisions sneaked in at a very late stage meaning there is no full parliamentary scrutiny [again].   THE NEW AMENDMENTS AND CLAUSES WILL BE VOTED ON IN PARLIAMENT BY HOUSE OF LORDS ON: 📌 Wednesday 8th December📌 Monday 13th December📌 Wednesday 15th December Parliament Sq ⛓Confer in small trusted groups and make YOUR plan for the days.  How far are YOU willing to go for the Right to Protest? We need to show them who is the MASTER and who is the SERVANT.  Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill amendments here: #UniteForFreedom


  1. Thank you for your interesting and relevant posts; always welcomed.

    I am not sure if I had mentioned before, but I no longer use gmail. In fact, I am in the process of working a way of deleting google from my system altogether, so gmail will naturally go. Is it possible to amend your address book to * *

    or is it easier that I subscribe again using the new email address?

    On another topic, and I hope that you will forgive me for asking this: as a retired woman on a small pension, with some modest savings invested ethically in the stock market, I am really worried about a potential market crash, or something else just as dreadful, and what might happen to my savings.

    Do you hear people talking about how this issue can be addressed to minimise loss, or is it just totally beyond our control? What are sensible and knowledgeable people doing? I hear about crypto (which I dislike) and know nothing about, others talk about leaving thighs as they are, others are buying precious metals…. It’s so confusing and stressful.

    I trust you, hence I am sharing this with you. I am sincerely sorry if it offends you, or I’m trespassing boundaries. My email address with protonmail is a much safer means of communicating.

    Thank you for everything that you do.

    With all good wishes,


    Grace DaSilva-Hill 07590 524795 The cure of many diseases is unknown to physicians… because they are ignorant of the whole. For the part can never be well, unless the whole is well. (Plato).

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    Grace DaSilva-Hill takes reasonable care and due diligence in protecting their systems from Computer Viruses. Grace DaSilva-Hill cannot be held responsible for any viruses which may be transmitted via their e-mail.


    1. Grace, thank you for the contact, and do please accept my apologies for the late response. I will now update your email address, and you will be able to note my revised one. I will also send you new info about what we are planning. Please confirm in which COUNTY you are based so that we can send you the correct ZIP file. Thank you again. Andrew


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