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MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE – Crime Report Ref: 6029679/21 refers

We have been asked (albeit somewhat belatedly) to draw the attention of the general public to a complaint made to the London Metropolitan Police on Monday 20th December 2021 regarding misconduct and malfeasance at various levels of public office.

The substance of the complaint is that those in government, the NHS and the MHRA all knew about the dangers of the experimental injection material, (proof of this has been provided to the Met) yet have done nothing to stop it. In fact, they all continue to promote it as being the only safe remedy which it is not.

We are now printing fuller details of the action taken so far, together with a pdf of that content at the foot of the post, which our informant asks that all parties concerned should download and share with others who may need support but are unclear at the moment how to get help. Section 11 below is the relevant call to LOCAL action by any further complainants.

Crime reference number. 6029679/21

A complaint re ‘Misconduct in public office’ and ‘Gross negligent manslaughter’ was made at Hammersmith Police station on Monday the 20th of December 2021. A separate application is also lodged at the International Criminal Court.

1. evidence is being collated by Philip Hyland of PJH Law, Lois Bayliss of Broad Yorkshire Law and Dr Sam White and is being sent to the Metropolitan Police – Hammersmith Criminal Investigation Department.

2. the demand to stop the V program remains a priority and the police are being reminded of this daily.

3. PJH Law (with the help of a senior QC) are preparing an injunction to apply to the high court to stop the V program.

4. a number of world-renowned experts, many of whom are doctors, lawyers, virologists, immunologists, scientists, professors, data and intelligence personnel, have added their names and offered assistance to the Metropolitan Police in support of this criminal investigation.

5. all Chief Constables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales have been contacted and made aware of the criminal complaint and the crime number allocation. They have also been made aware of the ICC application and that court’s subsequent acknowledgment.

6. the office of The Mayor of London (& Police Crime Commissioner) Sadiq Khan has been notified of the criminal investigation and the ICC application. He has been asked (as is his lawful duty) to instruct the Metropolitan Police to make a public announcement to stop the V program immediately. Every constable has a primary duty under his/her individual oath to protect the public from death, harm, injury and loss.

7.The delegated Metropolitan Police Superintendent is aware of and has acknowledged the criminal complaint. Also, the credible witnesses making contact with him have been acknowledged and their details and evidence have been forwarded to Hammersmith CID by the Superintendent.

8. some members of Parliament have also been made aware of the criminal complaint and the application to the ICC.

9. after the live interview with Reiner Füllmich, Dr Sam White was joined by Advocate of the Indian Barr Association, Dipali Ojha, who confirmed a petition is filed in the High court in Bombay on the 25/11/21 against the V manufactures.

They have also instructed the Central Bureau of Investigation in India to look into the deaths of a number of victims due to the V. They cite Bill Gates and executive officers of the V companies who have collaborated together as being responsible. Applications for compensation in the hundreds of millions of dollars have been made.

10. there are a number of retired and serving lawyers and retired police constables now working flat out, to obtain statements from persons damaged by the V or who have recently lost loved ones post-vaccination.

11. the sheer volume of victims and relatives coming forward is making it impracticable to make personal contact with them all. We are therefore recommending all victims of the V to make contact with their local police force.

12. If any police force refuses to treat you as a victim of crime or provide a crime number remind them of the national crime recording standards as detailed below.

If you believe you are a victim of crime, a crime report must be accepted. By the evidence being submitted to the Metropolitan Police we believe each individual has the right to be classed as a victim of crime.

The injuries attributed to the V must be documented by the local police and a local crime number issued. Injuries could be anything from actual bodily harm through to grievous bodily harm, manslaughter or ultimately murder.

Those in government, the NHS and the MHRA all knew about the dangers of the V, (proof of this was provided to the Met) yet have done nothing to stop it. In fact, they all continue to promote it as being the only safe remedy which it is not.


3 thoughts on “MISCONDUCT IN PUBLIC OFFICE – Crime Report Ref: 6029679/21 refers”

  1. Hello. Wow Andrew real straight forward God Bless you.
    Im.looking for the video refering to CID crime described in your article on this present page . I have just suscribed . Hope you ll receive this comment .or will send another one later.

    Thank you so much for being honest and….most of all so true .


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