Common Law, Constitutional, Spiritual


It is clear now that we are in a SILENT WAR, being fought against us by an enemy who is using QUIET WEAPONS. Take heart, there IS a way forward.
We have prepared six (6) ZIP files, each file containing template documents to help us all finally wriggle free from the corrupt ‘straw man‘ control system and live free – as the  ‘living beings’ which we actually were meant to be..

If you are ready to take that important step, send an email to us at the address below:

and we will send you all the information you will need. We send out first all the documents in a locked pdf format, so that you can see what the finished article looks like.

You can then email us to let us know when you are ready to make your own ‘complaint‘, and we will send you the same information, in an ‘open‘ version, which you can fill out and send to the addresses we will give you. It will cost you NOTHING except a little time and careful effort to get this done. We look forward to helping you. Sincerely yours, Andrew

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