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UN troops on UK soil?

There were United Nations troops, seen operating openly on English soil this week – in Norfolk. What we may expect next is a lockdown which will have little to do with SARS-Cov2, other than that both are believed to be being used by the same ‘authority’ to manoeuvre all the little sheeple back into their respective pens.

9 thoughts on “UN troops on UK soil?”

  1. Thanks for letting us know of UN troops in Norfolk last week. I also saw a clip of hundreds of ‘blue caps’ ‘walking four abreast but hundreds of yards long just two days ago -supposed to be in London but no time or place Do you have time and place for Norfolk I know ,as I was in the RAF, just how difficult it is to ‘not’ walk in step once you’ve been ‘trained’ so I sincerely believe these were not trained troops but perhaps some of the released prisoners from ‘Albania’? that have been referred to lately Would appreciate any follow up that you may send Thanks Rick


    1. Richard, these were NOT foot soldiers, they were military vehicles, I think seven in the convoy, driving out of the military base and down the public highway. , The entry board, where the logo is, didn’t look like the RAF emblem, although I could not see it clearly. Those aboard who could be seen had BLUE helmets on.
      I will try to find the original video clip..


    1. That’s a stupid comment – noone iis panicking – yet. It’s just very important that we are all aware of what is going on in this country. There have been reports of how brutal these blue bonnets have been in other countries (yet to be confirmed) . Please don’t be childish by accusing concerned people of ‘panicking’. Do something useful and investigate it yourself


    1. Hi Jan, Yes, couldn’t agree more. Ref my previous comment about hundreds of them on video in London. I am still trying to find out where, when, and why ! We need proof otherwise we will just be classed as misiformants. Obviously the ‘why’ will only become apparent ‘when’ it happens or by a whistleblower. I will ask my MP via FOIA but not holdng my breath. Perhaps you would do the same as we all should


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