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Energy Companies DO NOT own your meters. Yes, you heard me right.

Let’s get out of the habit also of calling energy companies ‘suppliers’ when they aren’t any such thing. They’re BROKERS! Selling you debt. Which is fraud.


Let me explain about energy companies and what they can and CANNOT do.

The electric and gas supply to the house or company cannot be cut off ever. Well, not in the UK, anyway.

The world of the movies is different. Once installed, that supply of Gas or Electicity or Water will be maintained, because the National Grid is not the energy billing company.

It’s a separate company – called the National Grid – who have a contract with the government and they will not breach that contract, and the judge has no authority to override that contract.

So, not even a court order can have your Gas/Elec/Water feed cut off. This is why they want to get into your house and fit a prepayment meter.

Now this is a ’Civil’ matter and in the world of Civil the Judge CANNOT give that order, and he won’t.

WHY? Because the ‘contempt of court’ reporting restriction does restrain the Judge, and if he breaches this, it’s a Judicial review at the Royal Courts of Justice and he gets fired.

So, in brief, there is no chance in hell that the feed supply will ever be cut off.

I can’t say that this is the same in every country. But they have to dig a hole in the street to get that done. I’m not saying that it can’t be done but the National grid will tell the Judge to do one.

They can do anything in the Movies. In the real world the Bureaucratic red tape for digging a hole in the street alone can take months.

The Billing Company is just that. It’s a metering and Billing service, also licensed by the criminal cabal dba ‘Government’, Which also means in economic terms that the Gas/Elec charge carries a 92% Tax, the same as fuel does.

A Billing company does not provide any Gas/Electricity.

It’s just an extension of government by the license Billing company.

The Gas/Electricity meter is NOT owned by the Billing company either and all they have is the serial number of the meter on record.

So, without that serial number on record, which gets moved from Billing company to billing company when you change billing company, they have no reason to Bill you, or to enter your home.

I am now using the words ‘Billing company’ because they do not provide the Gas/Electricity. Can you see how the language they use is also fraud??

The very ‘contract’ is Fraud and there can never be that full disclosure of the fact that they are merely a Billing company under licence from the government OFGEM office.

The Government do not have the legal authority to sign that OFGEM Billing company licence, because the people have never signed that Legal Consent. NONE of the Acts and Statutes are legally enforceable without the consent of the governed.

So, it’s end-to-end fraud and the unsigned paper they never sign is the proof of that fact. Companies Act 2006 section 44. Please go read it.

Everything has to be signed by an authorised person. Well, the Billing Company itself is not the authorised person, is it?

This is why nothing is ever signed.

Fraud Act 2006 section 4(2) Fraud by abuse of position when it is an act of omission. It’s not signed. AND they can’t legally sign it, so they don’t. It’s all about the Paper evidence – and they send that to you.

It is in your hand, the material evidence of fraud, sent by the fraudsters, This brings us once again back to the Claim and the MAXIM…

“He who makes a claim carries the OBLIGATION to provide the Material substance of the Claim. Otherwise, the claim is fraudulent, and it is also a known CHARGEABLE, Criminal offence. “

The signed authorization does not exist.

You don’t need to go to court.

What everyone should be doing, is getting a responsible fitter to fit YOUR OWN meter in your OWN home. There are thousands of meters on eBay.

As usual, a pdf version if you wish to share this information.

                                                                          Friday, October 14, 2022

With thanks to Andrew G – our local contributor

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