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COVID 19 Update – What is the Truth?

This is a link to an important statement from the National Library of  Medicine.

Please circulate, the day of reckoning for the conspirators must come soon..

1 thought on “COVID 19 Update – What is the Truth?”

  1. Dear Andrew

    Hello once again. Many thanks for your post and the link.

    You might be interested in this link of mine. As previously mentioned I worked out Covid 19 scam by June 2020. I did this latter but in contains my Covid 19 summary which set out the main issues with sub-links. This contains the three main groups behind it all although like the dragons in Revelation they have many heads.

    This might be of interest too.

    I should have said in my previous comment that my approach to my site is unusual but as the world went mad in 2020 I have joined the madness on the basis ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’

    I shall then beat them soundly!

    Kind regards


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