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Sometimes truth is inconvenient

I am not a ‘bible-basher’, but I do refer to it on a daily basis, as I have found it to be a pretty reliable ‘guide book’ on my journey through this vale of tears.

This morning I woke up around 05.30, the January night had been its’ usual uninteresting self, and the earlier part of sleep had taken me back to one of my final workdays within the London Met Police system, in 1974.

At that time, I was attached to CO.C13 in the ‘previous’ New Scotland Yard building, and we had that day received two officers from the other side of the ‘pond’ to collect and return home with some female miscreant.

During the preparations inside our office space, we fell to discussing and comparing notes between what they as LEOs felt and admired about our rather quaint policing methods as compared with theirs. I made a general comment that ‘crime is crime whatever way the criminals try to dress it up’ and the male officer suddenly responded, unexpectedly in German, with a quote from the bible –:

‘Das Bett ist zu kurz und die Decke zu schmal‘

which translates as ‘the bed is too short and the blanket too narrow’. I guess this was his way of saying that even the best-prepared criminal conspiracies often leave a bit of a loose end, which detectives are tasked to catch and unravel to find the truth.

So, early this morning, finding the original text, in the book by Isaiah [28: 14-22],I read through the relevant passage, and it might be good for all of us to take courage and inspiration from what we read there.

In summary, the prophet is warning both segments of the then dis-united nation, (Jacob’s smaller segment and Israel’s larger part), that the plans of the ‘cynics’, who thought that they had made a covenant with the enemy [ Hebrew ha-satan] to scoff at faith and to embrace death and hell as allies, to scourge the land, had reckoned without including the Sovereign in their equation.

This seems very apposite to our present-day situation where the tiny gaggle of oligarchs with their untold zillions are plotting to decimate world population, to corral the remainder of the people, destroy small to medium enterprise and keep all the minions muted as they go on to rule this world. We, the people of faith are placing our trust in Truth and know that the Light shines better in darkness and the darkness can never put it out.

Look particularly at verse 16 of this passage – re a stone which (at that point in time ‘was to be, now) ‘has been’ laid in Zion (no reference here to sectarian zionism) on which the best-laid conspiracies shall founder.

Look and read it several times over and take heart that ‘greater is He that it is in you than he which is in the world’ dark system.

Sincerely yours in faith      :grant-andrew  Huddersfield                   06.01.2023

1 thought on “Sometimes truth is inconvenient”

  1. Thank you for the biblical reference… I am not of a religious nature but, like most people, respect the ethics of “the good book” and others of a more religious persuasion have highlighted areas of the book of revelations to me/us over unfolding events that follow a similar strain to yours… good to think that believe it or not we have the ethics of “the good book” firmly on our side.


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