Worth fighting for?

I make no apology for, now and again, quoting from our own spiritual rule book: after all, on just about every corner, on every social media page, we are being inundated with the ‘wisdom of the prophet’ and told how wonderful all his life and writings were.

So, let’s try this for size : Ephesians 6:10-20. Have a read and blog me back when you can spot what is missing from the soldier’s kit.

Cast your mind back a couple of years, Alexander Blackman – ring any bells? – was put to the sword in a British court for killing an enemy soldier during an action in Afghanistan. Remind me, whose idea was it, to equip our front-line men and women with headcams??

It is clear that our government is a puppet show, and the strings are being pulled by overseas forces, who somehow, seem to ‘have the drop’ on any UK politicians, of whatever colour. There is a publication which I recommend to you – ‘Secret Affairs – Britain’s collusion with radical Islam’ – by Mark Curtis, and available, like everytjhing else, on Amazon.. It’s pretty heavy going, but all the detailed facts are there.

Today, on social media, we are informed that, having risked life and limb for the defence? of what? – our land from invasion, our fading memory of Commonwealth glory,? our retired military men and women are not being given the respect and support which they are due – post service days. Just this past week (12th – 18th August 2018) we hear that six more British ‘veterans’ have ended their own lives; 18 have died by their own hand since April, and 42 in all so far this year.

Meanwhile, the same government, which cannot be concerned for those ‘lucky’ enough to survive, are desperate to get the remainder of our sadly denuded military force into the EU – PESCO. I leave you to guess why TM is in such a hurry to get that organized…

This is the same party which, in the years from 2011 to 2016 has given away, in so-called ‘foreign aid’, an AVERAGE of £1.9billion every MONTH to a total of 146 overseas countries, without any real idea as to who ACTUALLY benefits from our charity. That money came from your and my taxes. To speak specifically about the Afghanistan donation, that has been £6.7bn – plus our brave soldiers’ lives and limbs.

My friends and I are so angry about the Westmonster corruption that we are doing something about it – http://www.democracy17-4.org – we will approach the next General Election with an INDEPENDENT candidate standing for every one of the 650 places available on those privileged green benches. Please do consider either standing as an INDEPENDENT, or recommending someone who can. My own email connection can also be used – ‘info@livingstones.uk’ – for further details as to how this will work. Here are the disgusting figures for those six years, and it still goes on.

Click to access 14-08-18-foreign-aid-figures.pdf

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