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‘Do we live in a democracy’?

At a public meeting in York recently, the audience was asked this simple question, and, surprisingly, from a crowd of adults, the response was muted – many of us were not too sure..

Using the ‘false flag’ of ‘democracy’, the UK ‘Party System’ has, over a great many years, evolved to become a cancer, a perpetual revolution against the truths of the English Constitution.

Edmund Burke, [1730-1797] a one-time MP for Malton, North Yorkshire wrote:

“Whenever Parliament is persuaded to assume the role of executive government it will lose all the confidence, love and veneration which it has ever enjoyed whilst it was supposed to be the corrective and control on the acting powers of the state..”

Here is another quote to reiterate the present position:

“The Party System does not consist, as some suppose, of two parties, but only of ONE. If there were two real parties there could be no system. In the presence of this inner obstacle, a VOTE becomes about as valuable as a railway ticket when there is a permanent block on the line”

G.K. Chesterton – A Short History of England

We need to learn, and learn quickly, that

the rule of (common) law is the absolute condition for personal liberty and true democracy in a free society. Without it, we will have the rule of tyrants.

Let us assume, as seems extremely likely, that the present Tory leader will NOT achieve any sort of ‘deal’ for her to-ing and fro-ing across the Channel. After the charade which we have witnessed over the past two years, do you honestly think we can trust politicians of ANY colour, to fulfil the terms of the Referendum vote?

Not BLUE, not RED, the SNP? They are all against it; as for LibDems, Greens, even UKIP, – the party which fought for so long to persuade the Tories to ALLOW us to choose by Referendum – can’t now stop fighting amongst themselves. Even recently (July 30 2018) they were still in dispute over the function of their NEC.

So, are you going to mention the newly-formed DVP, or perhaps, FOR BRITAIN? It takes 5 years and around £20m in funds to establish any new party which would even START to make a dent in the Tory ranks.

At that next election, what do you imagine you will really achieve, unless you use your vote to kick the corrupt parties out of Parliament, by the simple alternative of voting for an INDEPENDENT candidate?

The fact of the matter is that we have become a very lazy society, and we have let ourselves, by habit and convenience, be lulled into accepting the adage first promoted by Harold Macmillan

“We’ve never had it so good.”

Many of us have ceased to think very deeply for ourselves, with the result that we have, as a nation, been sleep-walked into accepting what has been published to us, from the end of World War II onwards.

The fact is that, just seven years after we had finally (with the help of our former colonies across the pond, and many brave Commonwealth – and Polish – souls) put the Fatherland back in its place, there was already a plan in hand to achieve, by economic means, what the Austrian painter/decorator (as my now deceased German brother-in-law used to say – ‘der war auch Asylant’) had failed to do with his super-efficient ‘Wehrmacht’ = ‘Defence Force’ – there’s a bitter laugh.

The late King George VI was only three months laid to rest when Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of the European Union, was writing to a friend – 30th April 1952:

‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state (1952??) without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an ‘economic’ purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.’

Now, I could list for you, every single piece of ‘statute’ which has been moulded and fiddled to fit in with that mantra of the unelected oligarchy, masquerading as a benevolent unifying presence, from 1948 right through to 2009 – but you know most of them, don’t you?

What a close examination of the text and purport of all the ‘Treaties’ shows us is, that those who have held the position of ‘UK Leader’, under their version of ‘democracy’, have sold our country’s soul to the devil – as surely as Faust lost his shadow to Mephistopheles..

So, we come, late in the day, to the frightening conclusion that we are in imminent danger of being totally emasculated as a nation, of having a minor role in an ever-growing federation of half-convinced ‘states’ (note how THAT word crept in) – are we to be the Northern Section of some cooked-up French arrondisement?

All of which can still be averted, by simply reasserting our inalienable rights as freemen/women under the Great Charter of 1215, as confirmed by the Bill of Rights 1689.

The ‘Party System’ in UK politics is DEAD, not fit for purpose (never was) and must be removed if our nation is to retain any vestige of status, dignity and self-government.

Forget Facebook, typing and ranting will not save us – ‘Shadowbanning’ is already in hand, closing down your right to think and speak freely. Send an email address today, to

for further action, whilst there is still time.       See also       

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