Where do you stand?

Because we see that ‘party’ politics is now no longer ‘fit for purpose’, LIVINGSTONES UK is looking for men and women of good local reputation, of sound mind and of a reasonable educational standard, who are willing to stand, at the next General Election, as ‘INDEPENDENT’ candidates.

Those who are genuinely interested will receive help and guidance as to just how this is to be achieved in detail. Each candidate will apply to stand in their own constituency – ‘Local people for local issues’ – and each will basically share the same manifesto points on the issues which are tearing the country apart: to these main points will then be added up to five other issues of concern within the area where he/she lives.

Listed below are twelve proposed themes for a manifesto. Please read them through carefully and then give them  a number, in the priority order YOU would rate them, from 1 through to 12, where 1 = most urgent, etc: now PRINT off a copy with your preferred order of importance in the blank squares, SCAN the page back in an email to the address at the foot of the page; or even return it by snail-mail to PO Box 1684 HD9 1AU.

  leave the European Union NOW, on our terms. UK economy needs clear leadership NOW!
  absolutely no further extension of ‘transition’ periods beyond March 2019
  global trading to start in March 2019, if not before.
  no concessions to the EU over the 200-mile limit on our territorial waters
  efficient immigration control of our borders
  cut ‘foreign aid’ budget, split the savings 50/50 between the NHS and Defence budget
  ditch the European Court of Justice, European Arrest Warrant, reinstate ‘habeas corpus’.
  say ‘NO’ to the prospect of our Armed Services joining the EU military union (PESCO)
  absolutely no ‘severance’ money to be paid to the corrupt European Union.
  reinstate capital punishment in cases involving the sexual violation of persons (male or female) where the victim is murdered, once lust is sated.
  reinstate capital punishment where unprovoked attacks on civilians result in fatalities.
  proscribe unofficial procedures which recommend practices and punishments contrary to those of Her Majesty’s Courts.

Don’t forget, your manifesto will also include up to FIVE other issues of importance in your own area, so think about that carefully.

If these points hit home with you, or with other people you know, who will stand as candidates, please contact us on: info@livingstones.uk for further details and an Application Form, or call us on 07496 536670 or simply post your CV to: PO Box 1684 Huddersfield HD9 1AU.

If we all pull together, we can remove this corrupt ‘party’ attitude and return our nation to real democracy. The truth is, there are many more than the 17.4 millions who actually voted on 23.06.16 who by now ARE ready  to LEAVE the Evil Unelected [EU], what we have to do is to mobilize ourselves to make this actually happen.

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