Coffee-coloured Confusion

Another day dawns, bringing with it more evidence of the duplicity of this present set of politicians, who seek to rule our land as tyrants, not as our elected representatives. Here we are informed (and I would love for someone to prove that the allegation is untrue) that from our apparently bottomless coffers, the equivalent of £50 million is being handed over to South Africa’s President Rampahosa, ostensibly to assist in making that wonderful country even more beautiful.

Earlier this year, I became acquainted with a fine lady, originating from SA, who confirmed to me that ‘white’ farmers are being persecuted, murdered even, as the regime is allowing their land and livestock to be plundered. I note that, whilst the UK media are alert to publicize every slight indiscretion by the ‘common man/woman’ over here, strangely silent are they, when it comes to atrocities in a former Commonwealth country. No doubt further donations will be requested, when the ‘transformation and development’ programme has run their economy into the ground. Clearly, the Tory concept of racial harmony is at odds with the Blue Mink lyrics. My old dad used to say – ‘By their fruits you will know them’  – Matt 7:16.  Please read and judge for yourselves.



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