Faith v Fascism

We leave this world, every one of us, just as we entered it, with nothing material. As my old mum used to say – “No pockets in a shroud“. However, we do seem to arrive with some intangible equipment, which, last Saturday, I heard defined as ‘Natural Law’. Unless we are damaged beyond repair in transit, each of us has a built-in knowledge of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’, although, as the first term has, in today’s political climate been hijacked to cover anything or anyone who dares to draw a straight line, I prefer the term ‘correct’.

The term ‘Fascism’, with its origins in Italy in the 1922-1943, originally pigeon-holed anyone holding ‘extreme nationalist authoritarian’ views. The word itself is derived from the Latin – fascis –  meaning ‘bundle’, which went to the Italian language as ‘fascio’ – political group. The more cynical of us may feel that this is not so far removed from the polite medical term for excrement.

The most succinct interpretation is, for me ‘control without authority‘, and it flies in the face of the Natural Law, since we do inherit odd features, such as ‘innocence’ and ‘trust’ with our mother’s milk.

At the time of writing, and as a loyal English patriot, I find myself having been ‘bundled’, along with millions of my persuasion, into a federation of European countries which has, for the past seventy years, been insidiously  smearing my country, with a ‘political’ Novochok, from which, I am assured, there is no escape, and for which no-one with a grasp of modern-day economics would apparently ever wish to be clean. We are classed as delusional, myopic, ‘cloth cap and ferret’ sheeple, should we dare to hanker after any of the ‘old’ values, such as sovereignty, dignity, independence, democracy, oh, and Faith.

This last week, however, another rock landed in the already troubled Brussels cauldron. Hungary’s leader, Victor Orban, expressed his country’s populist view that – “If somebody takes masses of non-registered immigrants from the Middle East (and don’t forget Africa, Mr Orban) into their country (not, note a ‘state’) this also means they are importing terrorism, criminalism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.” Oh dear, not what the Fascist Few in Brussels needed to hear, as the former DDR maxim used to run – ‘Weh dem, der aus der Reihe tanzt’. That’s what you get when you take control without authority – Fascism.

So, what about the other bit, Faith? Hackles may be rising already, but this term is difficult only for those who either don’t have any, don’t know for sure what it might cost them to have some, or who were irreparably damaged in infancy. Faith is as old as the Natural Law, it also came with mother’s milk, and, if you were extremely fortunate in this crazy permissive society, you still have a clear memory of  your father.

If Fascism is control without authority, Faith is best defined as ‘Reason, at rest, under the control of the Author’, knowing who your natural parents are is ideal, knowing who your spiritual parents are is essential. We will consider more of that in another episode of Faith v Fascism.; meanwhile, when you have a minute, get yourself a copy of ‘The Rainbow or the Thunder‘ and see what it cost my school pal Sandra to practise her faith.



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