5G – Microwave Radiation

In yet another example of high-handed bullying, Mark Steele, a serious expert in the field of electronics and microwave radiation is being taken to Court by the Crown Prosecution Service for daring to speak out against the surreptitious way in which 5G microwave transmitters are being trialled on our streets. Certain towns across the UK are being used as ‘guinea-pig’ stations to test out this latest hazardous technology, which is proven to greatly increase the incidence of cancer, brain tumours, heart disease, miscarriages and many other totally avoidable health issues.

Please read his leaflet, attached here, and join with Mark in his fight to get this technology removed from our streets and homes (yes, it’s also used in your fancy new SMART meter!) SAVE US NOW (S.U.N) is his campaign focus, Mark has all the evidence he needs, now he asks for our support to show that the defence to any libel is that the allegation is TRUE. Please go to his webpage and join the campaign. Thank you.



16.09.18 - 5G IS NOT SAFE

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