European Union

Britain’s ‘broken’ says Brussels

The ‘deal’ isn’t even signed off yet, and already, Barnier is boasting that he has ‘broken Britain’.

If, today, Thursday, 15th November 2018, doesn’t see the departure of the Tory PM (and her apology for a ‘party’), then it will become necessary for the disgruntled sheeple to take national action.

Whether you choose to join that action is up to the individual, but it is clear that we have all heard enough from the forked tongue, enough to cause an uprising which will make the ‘Jarrow Marchers’ look insignificant.

The human body can go for SIX weeks without food with no real detriment, but only THREE days without water. After three days, the body ceases to feel hunger. I know, I have done it before.

I am sick of hearing how devoted the Islamists are, with their ‘Ramadan’ fasting, it’s all a publicity stunt. The real soldiers WATCH and PRAY. If it’s okay for them to keep thrusting their evil ideology down our throats, then perhaps you’ll forgive me for reminding us all what we did, the last time our national identity was threatened – the ‘church’ buildings were full.

They still are – with Muslims, because we have been suckered into believing the ‘Monnet Mantra’ (see top banner on this site) that everything must be offered to them as having an ‘economic’ advantage, until we have forgotten that ‘man does not live by bread alone’. Which is why you don’t need Facebook any longer.

Your ‘Emergency Meeting Point’ is at ‘info dot livingstones dot uk’ – when you’re ready. we’re waiting for you.

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