On the ‘qui vive’

Just a quick note, to remind us all, how vigilant we must be, when it comes to our planning and our ‘information’.
You may know that I have been banging on for a while about intrusive ‘FB’, and I am quite sure that, where there is enough funding available, our Microsoft, Google and similar ‘friends’ could be being manipulated by persons who do not have our best interests at heart – to nosey around .
I am a dinosaur when it comes to electronics; I am a LEO when it comes to defending my own. Sensitive material here stays on an antiquated, plug-in FREECOM drive.
What do I mean? For many years now, I have never stored any sensitive data on my PC, nor do I use things which apparently are ‘up in the Clouds’ to put things where I can’t KNOW who’s poking around in there, to steal, misappropriate or simply defeat our purpose.
So, this morning, as I turned on the PC, I was politely asked to ‘WAIT’ – because my external drive (which I had last night forgotten to disconnect from the PC) was being ‘Scanned and updated’ – disconnected pretty sharpish!
When we become politically ‘nonconformist’ we get monitored. Many of us have experienced being ‘blocked’, some of us report with humour, that we are in FB jail again.
When working on the ‘THE LIST (BREXIT)’ initiative, I was regularly being blocked after attempting to ‘Copy & Paste’ standard invite data to my many hundreds of ‘friends’ and contacts.
I go back often to that most revealing extract from M. Monnet’s letter of April 1952 – ‘steps disguised as ‘having an economic benefit’ – if it looks too easy, it’s probably because there’s an ulterior motive behind it. It’s worked pretty well for our enemies in Brussels over the past 45 years, and we’re all so comfortable, aren’t we?

Our contact point, our ‘Emergency Meeting Point’, for when the fire starts –

                                      ‘info at livingstones dot uk’

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